Matisse Number Two - art class


Nicely painted Fiona like it , I’m with you on the Matisse , liking front it would seem .

This is absolutely gorgeous Fiona! I love the vibrant colours and the composition! The fabric is beautifully painted. Well-done.

Your complimentary colours make my mouth water!!! Great work Fiona!!

Very good, you look like your enjoying this despite what you write!

Beautiful colours which complement each other!!

Well I must say that this is a success… splendid representation of his work. Fauvism isn’t my favourite style, I much prefer his earlier work, but it was an interesting and colourful period!

Lovely colours Fiona, and excellent shadowing within the bowl.

Paul, Karen, John, Heather, David, Alan, Carrie, many thanks for you ongoing encouragement of my dip into all these ‘ism’s’. Cubism next…..a difficult one! Thanks again.

Love the purple background which really makes the fruit pop. Your doing a grand job Fiona and you must be learning loads.

Lovely work Fiona and really looking forward to seeing the cubism.

Love the violet/yellow combination, Fiona, and the composition.

I like the angular lemons against the purple. Also not a great fan of Matisse but visited a little church in the South of France where Matisse had stained glass windows. It was magical the way the light and colour fell all around. I did love that.

Perfect combination of yellow and purple e we it’s great results Fiona.

Well painted Fiona but not my favourite assembly of fruit. I’m looking forward to the cubism session which I think will give you plenty of scope for thinking outside of the box ( which of course you must do with a cube!)

Nicely done Fiona

Many thanks Carole, Denise, Jenny, Marjorie, Shaun, Michael, Romila and Chris for your encouraging comments and observations. Cubism is going to be a tough one……

Distinctive and colourful. I couldn't say I was a fan of Matisse, but there are several pieces that I do admire. This has been an interesting and successful series...look forward to the Braque/Picasso.

Looking forward to seeing the next in tge series after these Fiona.

Lovely interesting work Fiona, love the cloth also the colours.

A super work, Fiona. Beautiful strong colour contrasts. Typically Matisse!

Lewis, Stevan, Carole, Mia…….thanks very much for your wonderful feedback.

Very good, Fiona. Love the colours.

Thanks Ellen!

Really well painted Fiona x

Thanks Diane……I don’t like it much….lol. X

Very nicely painted Fiona, you seem to have joined a lovely class, especially with Cubism etc to come.

Lovely complimentary colours Fiona!

Wow this is great, love the colours and a nice composition...

David and Rachel, thank you both very much for your kind comments.

Oopps missed you you Alan……thank you.

Don’t know much about Mattise but this is looking good!🤞👍

Thank you very much Willian, you are very kind.

Whether you like it or not this jumps out at you Fiona! (I actually do quite like it as I like the colour selection used and the viewpoint from above). I also admire your teacher’s theme of trying different artist styles etc, provoking more thought perhaps than just skimming through books or breezing through an exhibition! I’m not suggesting you do that, but I think I sometimes do, though I have really missed the inspiration I get from visiting art exhibitions over the last nearly two years, very frustrating.

Thank you Tessa for your valuable feedback. I do like to read your comments about what I’ve done and your observations. I don’t dislike it particularly, what I find awkward is being taught, and practicing observation to provide a fairly realistic impression of what I’m looking at. Then, to stand that theory on it’s head by disregarding in some situations, colour theories, perspectives and tonal values. But something is learned at every class and I think, I hope, that some of it is sinking in. Davy is a fabulous teacher and we are so fortunate to have him. His knowledge, ideas and inspiring teaching methods are invaluable. He has a website if you are interested He had a retrospective exhibition last year at the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, there are a couple of videos of him talking about his art in their archives. Thanks again

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16”x14” oil on paper. Having two weekly sessions to paint in the style and palette of Matisse, I was surprised to finish my first attempt, just about, in the first session. Started a second painting in the second session, also finished. I’m not any closer to liking his work I’m afraid. Next two sessions….cubism, Picasso and Braque.

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