The Clearing


I’m interested that you have made and used these historical inks, I have only heard of walnut ink. I love the way the trees fade into the distance and the muted colours are superb! X

This is superb Fiona , a beautiful sketch of old trees the inks have made excellent colours .

Agree with everyone here. You have created some lovely effects Fiona.

That is so delightful Fiona - I can almost see those fairies peeping from behind the trees.

Inspiring work Fiona!

I love how you’ve captured this Fiona, great use of inks

Terrific. I can definitely imagine this illustrating the Hobbit or similar books.

A charming woodland study with some lovely muted tones!

Fabulous work, Fiona. Hope you bump into one, one day :)

Super mark making Fiona. The inks you use have a lovely quality to them.

Looks a magical place - l love your work with inks and I really like the surface you have used too.

Definitely a magical place, love the colours of the inks. Fiona. I can see a few fairies hidden in the background. Lovely painting.

This is amazing Fiona.

This is lovely Fiona it has great atmosphere and lively ink work .

Great Fiona, I'm very impressed with your homemade inks and the way you use them.

Inspiring, like the texture on the paper a lot!

A beauty Fiona like the title too 😍

Your own inks seem to suit your style very well Fiona. They have a lovely effect and the colours are just right.

Like the foreground in particular, Fiona, and the inks have produced some lovely colours.

These hand-made mediums are working so well for you. A very atmospheric drawing, and yes...just the right setting for something mystical.

Sounds an idyllic place and I think this is great, agree with Katy

Marvellous tones.

Love the inks and the way you’ve used them. Very atmospheric

So atmospheric Fiona.

Thank you ever so much everyone for your generous and supportive comments. I do enjoy using these inks, perhaps it comes over in the application! I’ve got another pan of Acorns soaking at the moment, so I’ll be stirring the cauldron again soon.

Very subtle and attractive Fiona - will you have to use up the inks within a timespan?

Very atmospheric and mystical Fiona.

I’m not sure Marjorie. One of the recipes I looked at suggested putting a couple of cloves in the bottle, apparently they are a natural preservative. I think the Acorn ink will be okay, it has vinegar in it which is also a preservative. The Lichen ink, I’ve also added cloves to the bottles but the Oldman’s Lichen did develop something in it, similar to the developing of what you would get on jam if left to it’s own devices. I’ve re-filtered it and so far it’s okay…..but I noticed that the lid wasn’t quite tight enough so that’s maybe why it happened. You can keep them in the fridge, I purposely only made small batches just incase it had a shelf life. I’ve also done a swatch and left it on the windowsill to check the lightfastness. I think over time it will fade a little but hopefully it will fade to a lovely stage, as in the sketches by the old masters.

Thanks very much for your comment Christine, I can’t keep away from the place!

A truly stunning piece, Fiona! I'm totally intrigued at how you made your inks - such beautifully nuanced colors. And all brought together with superb linework.

Seok, thank you so much for your positive comment. Alan Bickley and myself did a collaboration on Historical Inks earlier this month, it’s in Tips and Techniques if you want to find out more.

Loving the colours in your home made inks Fiona and they suit your style so well, this is beautiful.

Sorry Fiona only just seen this- it’s magical! Feel as if I’ll walk between those trees and into another realm. Maybe like the woods behind your house. Just love the shades you get with these inks- so subtle and beautiful - your so inspiring

This is really great Fiona. The inks have really heightened the impact of the painting.

Wow this is so good! I’m love the depth it’s so moving

Val, thank you very much! Thank you Rachel, you are very kind to me x Many thanks Spencer, appreciate your comment. Shekinah thank you very much for your comment. Thanks Coral, for your lovely comment.

This is so lovely and you must be so lucky to have this view at the bottom of your garden, all I can see is a back of a garage😁 and good for you for making your own inks. It all works so well!!

William, thank you so much for your generous comment x

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x9” homemade historical inks, Acorn and Lichen on Okra paper. The woods behind where I live is mainly mixed native tree’s but further in, there is a clearing with mature Beech trees, almost forming a big circle, before it drops down a steep incline to the river. When I walk down there, I expect to bump into a fairy, or some other Fey creature.

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