This paid off Fiona, perfect! Love the light you created in foreground and a bit more middle distance.

Ah yes Fiona, really works well. You have balanced everything beautifully.

Really like what you’ve done Fiona. It’s work out well.

Well what a lovely painting it’s turn out to be . It like peeking over the hedge to see the distant view definitely a winner in my view . You are really talented, I knew you could pull it back and make a great job of it.

This has worked out and I prefer it Fiona.

Woohoo! I hope I’ve managed to get one or two things, if not right, improved. You are a wonderful supportive and very helpful lot and I don’t know where I would be without you x 🙏 Carole, Tessa, Christine, Paul and Denise.

It’s made a huge difference, Fiona, a much more balanced painting - I especially like the strengthened trees in the foreground, they’re a nice lead into the rest of the picture.

Missed the first one, but I do like this version! Some lovely treatment in that dramatic sky!

Still a lovely painting 🤩

You have made a good job there Fiona - looks great.

Wow - that looks very good, indeed, Fiona!! The way you have lightened the foreground adds much to the painting.

This is fabulous Fiona!! It one hundred percent works!! Clever gal. 🥂🍾

Excellent Fiona. Your changes have made a big, positive difference to it! The foreground and mid distance are now as good as the sky. Really well done.

As ever, excellent work Fiona.

The moth turned out to be a beautiful butterfly in the end Fiona. Well done you.

Yes, having never seen saved one this painting has a delightful sky as far reaching out effect with the natural hedgerows and twig-like structures upright showing the distant hills! Lovely painting Fiona!

Love the varied shapes and colours in the sky against the textured foliage.

Thank you all for your positive feedback, you take most of the credit. X

The eye looks right into the distance now.🤩

This painting is alive Fiona - you have really made this work.

Must have missed your original but this is bright and punchy, super painting -don't beat yourself up!

Liked the first............. like this even more.

Glad to see you went back to it Fiona. It has worked really well!

Wow, love this Fiona, great drama in the sky and those brooding hills.

Val, marjorie, Shaun, Willie, George, Martin, Emma……thank you all very much for your encouraging support and kind comments.

A great painting. I'm loving the sky.

Thanks Fiona……the best bit I think, I agree with you.

Have just had a look at the original. You have definitely improved it by the changes you've made. It's beautiful. Well done x

Thanks Diane, I certainly wasn’t happy with the original, it needed the changes. I shouldn’t have gone ahead with what I did, I wasn’t thinking enough about the issues I created!

I missed the previous post but this really caught my eye in the gallery. I love everything about it.

Thank you Diana…..the other one was dreadful!

Hang on Studio Wall

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your positive suggestions and ideas on Saved 1. I’ve taken many of the suggestions and tried to apply them without making too much glorious mud! Broken up the near and far shorelines, plus the far tree line and added some lighter areas and added another hill. Thanks again.

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