Low Tide River Bladnoch


Like this a lot and the addition of the few grasses in the front give really good sense of depth and a touch of colour

Your paintings always look spontaneous and never laboured Fiona. A joy to behold.

Thank you Heather, I don’t seem to be able to resist a few grasses.

Thank you for that Chris, a lovely comment.

I like this very much. A sense of calmness.

This just makes me take a deep breath and relax when I look at it. Lovely just lovely

A lovely softness to this Fiona, very relaxing. A local resovoir is now lower than its been for many years exposing the remains of the farmhouse and outbuildings that were sacrificed in its making.

Glorious mud elevated to art, Fiona. great work.

Great sense of place. Love the subdued palette with little splashes of colour. I can imagine being there x

Beautifully painted Fiona , as said by others the few grasses in the foreground made such a difference.

Lewis, thank you for your comment. I’m interested in what in particular gives the sense of calmness, if you can put your finger on it? Carrie, that’s a good feeling …..thank you for that. Val, it’s been a strange one for Scotland this year, Galloway is probably one of the wettest counties and yet on the low water map that has been on the local weather, we’ve been the driest for this summer. Thank you for your comment. Thanks Willie! I enjoyed the mud so much, I’m working on another, different place though. Thank you very much Diane, appreciate you comment.

The colours are so calming Fiona and it's such a beautiful view.

This is absolutely beautiful Fiona.

Your paintings always take on a perfect feeling of the landscape you are painting!!

This is lovely Fiona. A great sense of perspective with the softness in the distant hills. It all looks and feels right.

Love the sense of wide open spaces and how you have layered the landscape Fiona. Lovely foreground with those lively grasses.

So well done Fiona, lovely mud! Brilliant low key colours.

Denise, many thanks. It’s interesting that you mentioned calmness as well. Barry, thank you! A lovely compliment David thank you. David many thanks for your kind and generous comment. Carole, thank you for your lovely comment, glad you like it.

Nice Fiona. I like contrast between the distant hills and foreground which is providing great depth.

Love this Fiona, Im sure I've got a few photos and sketches of similar, to paint later. , Love those colour choices..

I like this Fiona. Lovely colours and the pale blue just lifts it.

I too like the little touches of blue. I also like the way you have structured the foreground bank. Lovely!

As Willie suggested “mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood”. Very good Fiona, my kind of scene. Like it very much. Lovely mud and very low tide and the minimal flicks of foreground vegetation are all that was necessary. PS - whenever I see Bladnoch I want to say ‘Bloodnok’ after the character Col. Bloodnok in the Goon Show many moons ago! Shows my age and possibly slightly warped sense of humour😎.

Paul, Carole, Stevan, Lesley, Russell, Christine, Sarah, Michael…..your generosity and kindness are very much appreciated, you do wonders for my confidence, thank you. Michael, I can just remember the Goon show it was a favourite of my fathers…..I didn’t understand any of it though. I’ve seen the odd clip and find it hilarious. I won’t be able to say anything but Bloodnok now!

Cracking painting Fiona. How can you make mud look so good!

Good feeling of depth in this one Fiona, I like how the the water leads into the picture and then the bank leads back across to the right.

Lovely relaxed painting Fiona and gorgeous palette. Your grasses dance across the foreground - how’s that for poetic?

This looks lovely with the simple composition and the beautiful colours Fiona. I like it a lot.

Hmm… I’m seriously impressed with this one Fiona - you’ve captured the scene really well, not to mention some excellent brush work!

Love this, Fiona, super composition and it has a lovely softness to it.

Great job Fiona. As artists we normally try to avoid mud in our paintings, this however is excellent mud.

Lovely painting Fiona. Feels calm.

Really stunning, Fiona - wonderful composition, lovely low light and great textures. Everything that makes a superb painting!

I think everyone else has said it all, Fiona. Fabulous.

Tessa, Stephen, Marjorie, Dympna, Alan, Jenny, Bryan, Faye, Seok, Ellen…..I can’t tell you how much your support means, thank you all very, very much. X

Only just found this Fiona and I think everything has been said. It IS amazing how you manage to make mud etc look so attractive. Really like it.

Thank you very much Carole! X

Love the way you look as though you have gone in straight with the brush and gone for it and it has pulled off, very impressed Fiona reminds me of north Norfolk but I know it’s not! Great work👍😉

Nice and spontaneous Fiona.

Love those soft transitions, Fiona, very atmospheric!

Willian, Shaun, Thalia……many thanks for your encouraging comments.

Lovely painting Fiona, lots of space and atmosphere.

Many thank David for your lovely comment.

Gorgeous painting. Beautiful. Peaceful, Carole!

Maureen, Manoj……thank you both very much!

Great mums and water, with your distinctive grasses. Excellent.

Thank you Richard!

Love the detail of the grasses in the foreground.

Thanks so much Jacqueline!

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” oil on Belle Arti canvas board. Painted from Wigtown harbour looking north across the marsh to the Galloway hills, the Bladnoch river on the right, flows to the right, into the Cree Estuary. It’s quite a low tide and it’s been drier than normal for Galloway, hence the lack of water. I’ve never seen it this low but I did like the opportunity of painting the mud.

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