Over The Garden Wall

Over The Garden Wall

You've turned an unpromising scene into a gem, wonderful!

Thank you Willie! I'm very lucky to have views like this over the garden wall.

I love the looseness and the freedom of it Fiona. The bright greens and the wild flowers contrast nicely with your duller background and I like your "gloomy" sky just showing hints of blue. ( just enough to make a sailor a pair of pants as my mum used to say :) )

I can see you are really enjoying your pastels Fiona I like the bright foreground colours against the dull background it works brilliantly.

Lovely vibrant pastel Fiona.

Lovely scene Fiona with great colours

My mum said that too Val! Lol Thank you very much for taking a look. I am enjoying them Barry, still do the watercolour though! Thank you. Thanks very much Peter. Thanks Brian. How are you getting on with pastels? I can't make my mind up whether I over do it with the colour. I look in my tin of pastels and see all these shiny colours staring back at me....seems rude not to use them all.....lol!

Nice work Fiona. I haven't managed to fully master pastels yet. You obviously have...

Lovely work Fiona , I love these bright colours that you are incorporating in your pastel sketches, and this one is beautiful .

Beautiful painting, lovely contrasting colours.

Pastels seem to work beautifully for you, Fiona! This very lush and green in a wild way which I suppose Scotland is all about. Lovely painting!

Your painting looks fresh and alive Fiona. I like your markings.

I'm liking the style of these current pastels F, some good bold work with positive strokes and depth. You know the rule about fences etc running along the bottom but in this case you have got away with it, was that luck or clever planning I wonder?.

As I scrolled down, I recognised your style instantly when only the top half of the painting came into view. I like this one too. Cairnsmore is dark but the light on the trees gives you the distance that you felt was lacking in "Starlings." I don't think you overdo the colour at all. The colours are bright enough to make an interesting picture but they look natural. You've captured the weather!

Good work as usual Fiona.

Beautiful light Fiona, just popping up over the hills.

A super pastel painting Fiona, you really are getting on with pastels, I'm hopeless with them. What lovely views you have from your home!

Love the wonderful variety of marks and lines, and the lovely palette. Gorgeous work, Fiona!

Jim, Sandra, David....thank you very much for your kind comments.

Thank you Satu, wild yes, in places and very lush in this corner of Scotland. Many thanks Helen and Dympna. I popped the wall in to test you Alan, just to make sure you are keeping an eye on my progress, all intentional of course. Thank you darling x Thanks Gudrun! Roger thank you very much for your positive feedback. My confidence in using colour and too many colours in the palette isn't too high, I am steadily using colour more but I still find it scary! Lol George, Carole, Margaret, Seok.......thank you all very much!

A very decent scene to have a go at Fiona...with a very decent result. Lovely use of colour and mark making.

Great colours,love it

Many thanks Maureen, Sylvia and Peter much appreciated.

Lovely picture, Fiona.

Thank you Shirley!

Beautiful variety of colours Fiona and very well rendered

Hang on Studio Wall

12x9 pastel on uart sanded paper. Another dull day here but wanted to get out and paint something, didn't have far to wander for this view. Cairnsmore is dull and gloomy in the background but the pasture land is still a nice summer green. With a few wild flowers dancing above the wall, thought it made a decent scene to have a go at.

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