30 minute challenge

30 minute challenge

This is super Fiona, your winter trees are much better these days - perhaps Mr. Wesson's influence? Very well done.

I like this Fiona. Lovely glow in the sky with the trees silhouetted.

I love the calm wintery atmosphere of this painting - beautiful

Love it Fiona - like the glow int he sky and the reflections in the water - beautiful

I agree with the above comments, Fiona: beautiful picture, very atmospheric and a lot of depth in it. Well done!

very nice Fiona,,,lovely /////little is more as they say . .I like a palette with as few paints a possible I am a palette addict // and have 14 colours in most ...some never even felt the touch of a brush / but I have one with six colours ,it is one of the old heavy weight ones ..two colours of each on either side .. it is a lot easier getting used to colour mixes for me .....with the six .. take care

Nice palette, a bit Monet - ish. Dreamy and calm.

Nicely done - you did include the time it took for your washes to dry, I hope! Because I'm intending to, when I have a bash at it: and I should feel cheated otherwise... I do like your dark trees, branches and reflections.

Thank you all very much for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated. Yes Stephen, you are right about the 'Wesson' influence, I love his tree's always economical....my kind of painting. I use about the same amount of colours as yourself Alan, I loose my way with colour mixing if I have too many. Louise, you do realise you've started something with this 30 min painting:) Thanks again everyone.

I certainly did Robert, that's why it's mainly wet in wet I just added the nearer tree's and reflections when the rest was dry. The dark tree's were done with a mixture of ultra marine and venitian red. Thanks very much for taking a look Robert.

Really gorgeous - pared down to the bone so skilfully. This painting has great impact and I can't believe how well you have done in 30 mins!

A lovely piece. Well done.

Thank you Thea, Avril, I really enjoyed the challenge and the out come....for a change.

A really beautiful quick watercolour Fiona- I love it!

Lovely rosy glow and a great 30min painting.

Time is precious at the moment so might try a 30 minuter - I hope I can do it as much justice as you have here Fiona

This is quite lovely, Fiona. That quiet glow in the central sky is beautifully done with just enough reflection. And I like the ethereal form and tone of the trees on the right relative to the luscious darks on the left. There is no way I could produce anything approaching this level of painting in 30 min. Did not do much painting in Spain. Security took all my acrylics paints off me at East Midlands Airport. They thought they might expand and cause a problem. (Don't ask! I certainly didn't). Already has some and bought a few more once I got to the Costa Blanca. Nice to be welcomed back with such a lovely painting as this one.

Many thanks Satu, Val, Michael, Lionel your comments are greatly appreciated. I'm sorry to hear your paints where confiscated, you probably got a 'jobs worth' member of staff Lionel. I hope you managed to get lots of snaps for future paintings. Looking forward to seeing your 30 minuter, and I'm sure you could do even better than mine in 30 minutes! Glad you're back safe and sound :)

Just catching up a bit to-day Fiona and nearly missed this one, I think for a 30 minute study this is really good and I do detect a touch of the Ted Wesson technique about it, really like this and well done.

Graham you've made my day.....do you really think it looks a bit 'Wesson-ish'? Thank you for your lovely comment.

Wonderful work Fiona!

Thank you very much Lesley, much appreciated.

Nothing sparse about this, Fiona! It's superb - love the gorgeous colors and the brushwork on the trees.

Many thanks Seok, you are very kind.

Lovely water and reflections Fiona. Ed Wesson used to say. "Go into an area for two minutes . Get out and Stay out"

Again, thank you John for taking the time to comment, very much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

My very sparse contribution to the 30 minute challenge.......with two minutes to spare!! Really enjoyed it. The picture is from a charcoal sketch in the back of one of my books, can't remember the location! Size 13"x10" only used four colours; ultra marine, burnt umber, light red and venitian red.

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