Lovely. Fully understood Fiona. There are some lovely descriptive lines in many places that fire the imagination.. "Through the rude wind's wild lament, and the bitter weather" is a favourite of mine from "Good King Wencleslas".

Wow, Fiona, this certainly fits the text. Beautiful words and great idea for the painting. Well done!

That was quick Jim and Mia, thank you. Jim, that’s a super descriptive line, have you painted it? There are more sentences describing the salt marsh and mud flats in the prologue and I can feel another messy picture coming on!

I looked at the painting and liked it , seeing a wetland. I then read your comment and the words that inspired you, it made sense of what I was looking at.

Very effective match of image and words.

I agree with all and the cottage in the distance is so loosely discribed, outstand piece Fiona.

Certainly fits the words Fiona and I love the palette you have used. This really stood out for me- well done

Paul, pleased it made you think of what I was trying obtain....thanks very much. Thanks Gudrun, appreciated. Many thanks Lewis, a great compliment coming from a natural storyteller. Dennis thank you! What cottage?! Lol. Colin I didn’t put it there but now you have mentioned it, it fits! Thank you.

Carol, thank you! How are you, have you been keeping busy?

Lovely imaginative piece Fiona.

Not only a lovely and interesting painting, all the more wonderful for hearing the inspiration behind it.

A great description of the prose below Fiona. You have brought the scene to life.

I'd like to read that book. Brilliant.

Good translation of the words with colours, Fiona!

You really captured that passage.

Love the title and you have captured your imagination so well

Brilliant again Fiona. You must have really enjoyed painting this - and giving us all a treat!

I just love this style of watercolour Fiona - very expressive.

Beautiful colours, love the words too Fiona.

My thanks to you for your positive comments everyone, very grateful for your support.

Ellie Griffiths, The Crossing Place, it reads as though it would be a very interesting book Fiona and I can see why it inspired this work, nice interesting pallet and shapes, nice one.

Thank you David! Malcolm, clever you, have you read it? I was reading through the prologue and I had a vision! Lol I’ve done another where is states later on, something about the mist clearing etc etc. Thank you!

Fascinating change of style for you Fiona and I really like it!

Thanks again Louise. As you know I seem to float off in all directions in art. I can’t seem to concentrate on how I use to paint, and I look back on some of it and I find it boring and dead. So I’m just playing around really and painting from ideas I get, don’t know where it will lead! I expect I’ll get back to boring before too

Well it’s not how I would have depicted those lines, but you’ve had some amazingly positive comments.

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16”x12” mixed media on heavyweight cartridge paper. Its strange sometimes what inspires us to paint a picture. This was inspired by a few sentences in the prologue of a book I’m reading.... “The wind is whispering through the reeds, and here and there they see glimpses of still, sullen water reflecting the grey sky.”

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