Another re-model!

Another re-model!

I| like this, Fiona, but personally I prefer the first one!

Posted by Ann Cook on Sat 22 Oct 15:49:00

I think you are very brave to re post after all the somewhat conflicting advice you received last time! This is a more complicated work and has many good points, the background trees show up better and you have more of a focal point with the path leading to the gap between the gates. But you have lost a bit of the simplicity of the original. Looking at the comments of your last posting, there is a lot of good advice there, which I am sure has been of benefit to us all, thanks for being so open to it.

I wish I could add some structured comments, but landscapes aren't my 'thing'. It looks good to me, i particularly like the lead-in through the two gates.

I also can't add too much as I have only ever painted snow once and that wasn't very successful either. I think this painting is very successful as I feel the atmosphere of the crisp coldness and like the bare winter trees. The touches of burnt sienna (?) for the dying grasses adds some depth. Don't be too hard on yourself - your snow paintings are great.

I missed your first posting so I'll have to go and have a look but I think this is super. Lots of wet washes and a real feeling of a cold winters day. I'm hopeless at watercolour landscapes so no constructive comments from me either, I just know I love it.

Good on you for posting it again - great work!

Thank you all very much for your sincere comments, I really do appreciate them. I think what Stephen said about loosing the simplicity is very true, this one is over worked for me and I prefer the simplicity of the first one.

The atmosphere with your bushstrokes on both paintings is good, Fiona. I agree with the comments about simplicity but it's still a really nice Christmas card scene!

The atmosphere with your bushstrokes on both paintings is good, Fiona. I agree with the comments about simplicity but it's still a really nice Christmas card scene!

This is really good, possibly one of your best. Looking at it from a photographers point of view, I think it's an excellent composition, I don't find it over worked at all. Your first one altho simpler was lacking in the bottom half, possibly because it was too straight, I think this works better, as it has a more diagonal composition, I also like the track leading to the focal point. You could make this simpler by painting just the trees and positioning the tree on the right down where the fence is, tho personally I like the fence. I also think you have the snow just right, snow isn't white only the highlights are, if you put a white sheet of paper next to a photo of snow you'll see what I mean. I think it would make a really good Christmas card.

Posted by K 0 on Sun 23 Oct 08:50:05

Thank you Pat, you are very kind. I might put this one aside to use as a Christmas card, I'll see how it prints up.

Kevin, I've read you comments and I've looked at the picture again, and you know, I think I'm warming to it a little more after your feedback!! :) Thank you for taking the time to look and comment.

Fiona you have got it right --Its good -in fact its very good. ---- You come up with some amazing work at times----- well done, ---- more like it -you CAN do it, this proves it

I like this! You can feel the cold of the snow and the weak rays of sun!

I much prefer this one Fiona. The fence, track and gates all serve to lead you into the picture. There's a small gap of light beyond the gate that leads you further through the distant background. The dark area below the right hand tree is darker and crisper. The distant background gives better depth this time and the trees achieved by negative painting work well. Having said all that, I'm going to be picky and say I prefer the main dark trees in the first painting. I think they have a slightly more natural look to the branches. I'm going to attempt something along these lines myself soon, so you'll be able to get your own back!

I didn't see the first one, but this is sooo beautiful, Fiona. I love the composition and the delicate and subtle colours you used!

Charles thank you. You really do my confidence a power of good! :) Thank you Jackie. I look forward to seeing your attempts Paul.....and maybe getting my own back. I agree with you about the tree's :) Mia, thank you for your encouragement.

I like it, Fiona! May have missed the original version. Must check it out.

Thanks for your comment Fiona,I enjoyed looking through your work

Really love this as well, excellent painting! Your not a Roxy Music fan?

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm hoping one day I might just get it right first time!! This is another try at one I did a week or so ago. I've taken most of the tips and advice....apart from adding people!! I've added a few extra bits for more interest. Personally, I don't think that I have left enough white of the paper for snow.

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