Refused to Bloom


That was quick Andrew! Thank you very much for your comment.

This is excellent Fiona, I do like the colours.

Fiona, I like this very, very much. I love the colours, the subject, the title and the perfect way you painted it. Gorgeous!!!!!

Wow Fiona - lovely textures and colour!

That's a great painting Fiona, love the way you've composed it and those excellent textures seem to give the sad subject a second chance. Terrific.

such an interesting subject matter, with an different kind of beauty captured forever!

Beautifully painted Fiona, with lovely muted colours.

Love the colour palette, the rose might be dying but your painting is full of life!!!

Lovely painting Fiona, I like it lots.

Love the texture and limited pallette.

I really like your colour palette Fiona & if I was to say the subject is sad what I mean is you've certainly captured that feel of decay. Objective achieved.

Thank you ever so much everyone for your generous and positive feedback. It’s encouraging to hear your views regarding the palette, I quite liked it and thought it suited the subject.....adds a somber look? Thanks again!

Great how you have " blended" ( is this the right word ) the vase into the background and foreground.

Agree with all, a very pleasing result Fiona. I really like how you’ve painted the vase as well.

I like the sense of light despite the decay and the texture.

Lovely, Fiona! And thanks for mentioning Luke Piper! He is John Piper's grandson, and you can see the link in his paintings, I think.

You have captured the beauty of decay very well here Fiona.

Love this palette and the textures are really interesting.

Love those textures Fiona

Has a beauty of its own Fiona, great colour as well.

I am pleased you posted this in the gallery as well as the forum. Great subject, composition and palette. Gorgeous.

Well judging by the amount of comments it’s obviously a resounding success! I don’t like the term scruffy one bit, try loose and expressive, not unlike yourself Fiona! You didn’t take my advice to add a splash of zing to the pot, but I’ll not hold it against you - much...

I really like the colour combinations, really stands out.

Many thanks Richard, I would use the term blend, don’t know if it’s the correct term? Tessa thank you. The vase I found was the easiest part, it was trying to get the flowers to look half dead that was faffy. Maureen thank you very much! Shirley, no problem and thank you for your comment. Thank you Carole, appreciate your feedback. Glad you like the palette Diana, limited to five colours and white. Thanks Susan! Many thanks John for your positive comment. Glad you like it Gudrun, thank you for your supportive comments. Thanks Al! No, I’m definitely a scruffy painter, with a dash of looseness chucked in perhaps! I did see your advice ref adding zing to the vase but I didn’t see it as a zingy sort of subject....I wanted somber, subdued and quiet.

Stephen thank you very much for your lovely comment, I’m pleased the palette caught your eye.

A fabulous piece Fiona, love the colour palette, the textures and the blue highlights are so effective.

Thank you Anjana!

Just catching up on the gallery - everything moves through so quickly. Fiona, I just love this, especially the colours and textures, it’s a very harmonious painting.

Saw this in WIP, lovely texture Fiona

Jenny, Hilary....thank you both very much for your lovely comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” oil on mdf. Just finished this in time, I moved it and the bud fell off! So, it has now gone to the great compost heap in the sky. Not sure if I managed to capture the look and feel of decay? It was quite nice to be scruffy with oils instead of watercolour, for a change.

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