Messing about


A great way to be messing about. It’s come out really well Paul.

Nice brick work Paul.

Like a bit of messing about

Nice work Paul, I love these old walls.

Spencer , Denise, Heather, Bryan and Neil thank you for you kind comment. Apart from enjoying doing this I think we learn a lot messing about .

I agree. I like messing about with my art!

I agree. I like messing about with my art!

Thank Bobby , I tend to mess about when I can’t think of anything to paint or I’m having a period of restlessness. It’s surprising what you discover and learn .

Great Paul (I can hear Mambo No 5 playing in the background. (-:)

Thanks Jim fir you kind comment , it’s a long time since I heard that tune I will be humming it all day now.

I've got a ceiling that looks like that: someone, probably in the 1970s, though it would be a good idea to cover a lath and plaster ceiling with a nice, modern, white coating - must have been a bugger to apply, because the surface, whatever it was, didn't bond with the plaster; it's been falling off, most lately on me, for some 30 years ... anyway: your wall looks a lot better than my ceiling.

Thanks Robert , must be awkward when your trying to eat having to check for debris. I find old walls , buildings etc fascinating, I’ve been called a daydreamer in the past due to staring at wall etc , fascinating structure and patterns in some of them.,

Interesting textures.

Many thanks for you kind comment Stephen.

Great idea and observation Dixie. For some reason it reminds me of a map of Wales and of course once you think that you can’t get it out of your head!

Thanks Tessa , I did wonder if someone would say it looked like a map I did think the same but not Wales I’m afraid.

Very cool technique 😎

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 100% linen handmade paper, watercolour of a old brick wall with the render breaking off . As it’s so hot I decided to mess about with a water spray a very fine spray to wet the paper and keep it wet whilst painting. Not sure the subject wax the right one but it was interesting , something I’ve done occasionally before .

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