Scramble, scramble, A flight Scramble.


I love all the action going on with the service people on the ground. The plane is superb. A great scene Paul.

You've captured a real sense of urgency here Paul - an impressive plane too - good work!

Very good Dixie, you have certainly captured a sense of movement, urgency and excitement.

Good sketch, showing all the jobs being carried out.

The action is great, and people particularly good.

Thank you all for your kind comments they are appreciated.

Lots of action, good one Paul

Great bit of work Paul

Many thanks Heather and Paul for taking the time to comment.

Excellent animation in your figures Paul, they certainly have that momentum of scrambling.

Thank you Fiona for your kind comments.

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Watercolour sketch of a Victor In flash white used in the 1950+60s . I wanted the aircraft to be secondary to the air and ground crews. I didn’t want to develop it into a full painting, the front of the aircraft was the hardest part particularly the windscreens.

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Paul (Dixie) Dean

I developed an interest in watercolour painting whilst recovering from a spinal injury . Started painting whilst laid flat on my back using a mirror, did it stop the OT pestering me, but it backfired. When I sat up had to start all over again as I was use to painting through a mirror. Stop painting…

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