6 candles


It's really beautiful now, Diana. I don' t know how you do this in watercolour, one of the most difficult media.

Love those jewels of colour and light behind the glasses and reflected in them and the wonderful vague background. Superb work Diana.

Stunning work Diana!

I absolutely love this Diana - masterful!

Diana, your glass shape bending techniques are masterful. So envious.

I think I may have said this before.....you are a glass genius Diana.

I'll just echo Fiona's comment.

Dynamic and colourful.

Great composition mastered with your usual unbelievable skill, Diana.

Just wow Diana!!

Love your glass work especially with the light and colours.

Just Fantastic.

Excellent work and gorgeous glowing colours!

Absolutely my favourite of all your lovely work, Diana. Simply gorgeous! Very well done!

This is fabulous Diana, not a word I use often, so nuff said!

Thank you so much for the generous and very welcome response to this painting. Thank you Marjorie. Over the years (depending on approach and techniques) you can predict what watercolour should do though the element of surprise is rather exciting. Thank you Carole. I painted over the face as wasn’t sure it worked but wanted her back The paper has Ben scrubbed and distressed in the process but I think it works as she was in the shadow and just a suggestion of a face. Thank you Linda and Heather. There are areas a bit incomplete but I was starting to overwork so stopped Thank you Brian and Fiona. Painting glass in watercolour is a joy because there is the opportunity to use lots of water for the semi opaque areas. I also enjoy the opportunity to paint tighter sections wet on dry

Thank you Jim and Stephen. I think I keep returning to glass because it’s in my comfort zone. I love the challenge of describing the clear , hard textures. Thank you Cesare. I was concerned with the composition because there are two glasses with only a vague hint of a third. I have put the main candle as a focal point. Thank you Paul and Audrey. It’s not often I get to use many of the paints I own and I learned the hard way that many are staining! Thank you Maureen and Diana. I have had to be patient and take my time. After six days, my patience was slipping and I started to get careless rather than just loose so have stopped for now. Thank you Elaine and Anne. The shadow on the lower part of the cake was actually darker in reality so the section in the glass looked even brighter. I didn’t dare go darker but might try it on another version.

Thank you Thalia. That’s such a wonderful compliment snd made my morning. Thank you Tessa. Not a word I use but it’s very well received. Thank you.

Amazing! Looks a tough subject to tackle in watercolour, I’m so impressed!

Thank you Katy. There is one bit that needs a bit of work but overall I’m fairly pleased with the outcome.

Such fun. A really jolly picture. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Fen. Glad you like it.

Wow, amazing

Wow! That's amazing Diana!

Thank you very much. I really liked the upper part of the painting

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford heavy CP paper. Been working on this for a few days but the light is very poor. I’m going to return to it later for a tidy up.

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