Last rain piece for a while


What an unusual subject but superbly painted.

Thank you. Sitting in car parks during torrential rain has given me much inspiration lately 😂

I love your water work!

Thank you Heather. I’ve enjoyed it. I have the urge to get covered in oil paint again now !

Another classic example of your talent and virtuosity, superb Diana.

I really like this one, Diana, especially the composition and range of greys with that touch of colour on the car.

Lovely Diana, it’s a result of great observation on your part followed by the difficult task of making it look right in paint.

Your rain paintings have been remarkable, Diana, and a joy to see.

Absolutely brilliantly interpreted Diana.

And another brilliant one Diana!!

Amazing. Great work.

Lovely drizzle on the windscreen, fabulous work!

Thank you Russell. It’s been an enjoyable series and I have ideas for many more rain themed paintings but I’m keen to do something completely different for a while. Thank you Jenny. I was wondering if the rather dull palette worked though it was interesting to see the blues and greens there. Thank you Barry. People have been posting their photos of rain to me ! Thank you very much Willie. One or two have been completed disasters but probably because I hadn’t planned the sequence of washes pretty vital in watercolour. Thank you Fiona. It’s interesting how the eye fills in missing information when looking at fragmented lines. Thank you Audrey I wasn’t sure if this one was lacking in composition and colour but after strengthening some darks, it’s better. Thank you Denise. It’s been quite a novelty to have three days of sunshine! Thank you Angela. I have collected many references photographs over a few years but have had a nightmare incident with nee computer and photograph storage. I know the pictures I want are somewhere within 27000 😳

Wonderful series of paintings, Diana.

Another super addition to your rain series Diana, the little glimpses of colours look so fresh.

Terrific. I just love your pictures of inclement weather Diana. You capture them with uncanny accuracy.

Brilliantly done, very effective, Diana

You do rain so well Diana! Superb.

Thank you Linda. It’s been enjoyable challenging myself to attempt something I thought out of my ability. Thank you Anjana. This one does look particularly fresh. I maybe didn’t slosh so much water over it. Thank you Brian I have ideas for rainy images I’d like to paint but have to wait for the opportunity to collect reference images. Thank you Carole. I think watercolour is ideal for painting watery subjects. Thank you Carole. I’m sure I’ll return to the subject before long !


Thank you Yoko. This ones seemed fresher looking somehow.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the last half imperial watercolour for a while. I may well be pulled back to the subject in a few weeks.

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