Started in December

Started in December

Love it - beautifully done, as usual, Diana! (Sorry to hear about your health problems - my husband has only just recovered from a broken ankle, I know just how frustrating it can be.)

Love this one Diana, sorry to hear about your health problems and hopefully your ankle heals soon and is not too painful for you.

That was the start of something magical well fit and well soon well done Diana

Sorry to hear of your health issues - good to see you posting again. This is gorgeous!

Lovely and luminous, glad you're on the mend Diana.

That’s gorgeous Diana and good to see you back. Hope you are soon back in the swing!

So sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you can enjoy painting once again. You certainly haven’t lost your panache.lovely palette and original subject. Love thos gorgeous washes Diana.

Beautiful !! As alway!!

So happy to see you back and painting again Diana and hope you're firmly on the mend. Your works are always a joy of the painting art. Brilliant.

Sorry to hear of your health issues Diana, I hope now you are back at your painting table it will be a good healing balm. I love your quirky subjects, imaginative and beautifully painted.

Wonderful colours - use of paint. Everything. Full of life. Hope you are feeling better.

Beautiful painting Diana, gorgeous colours. So sorry you have been unwell and now a broken ankle! I hope things improve soon for you, well at least you can do some painting while your ankle heals!

Lovely unusual subject & perfectly done looking forward to seeing more now you are on the mend.

Very lovely watercolour you clever lady! Look after yourself and it'll soon be Spring which always lifts the spirits :)

Sorry to hear about your health problems - hopefully you will be better soon Diana. Meantime, keep painting. This one is super - like the free style and the palette.

Welcome back, diana, with this terrific painting as usual for your. Best wishes for your health.

This is beautiful Diana....I do hope you feel better very soon 🌸

What a fab pic Diana , next years Christmas card. Hope your ankle is repairing well.

Gosh. Very good indeed. You've really captured the fragility and transparency of the bulbs. Nice one worth studying to learn your technique!

Always a joy to see your work Diana it has been worth the wait a lovely painting. Glad to see you are back painting and wish you a trouble free year.

Hello Jenny. Lovely to hear from you and thank you. I’m much better thank you but yes, it’s frustrating for both parties when someone is imobalised and loses their independence. I hope he is continuing to mend. David, thank you for your kind words. I was in the fracture clinic recently and remarked at how I’d rather break a leg than an arm! Morning Tao and thank you very much. I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for fairy light ,particularly unusual ones and treated myself to some lovely leaf skeleton ones in Cornwall. Hello Margaret and thank you. It’s lovely to be back too . I have a lot of catching up to do. Good morning Marjorie and thank you. It’s lovely to hear from you again. I am hoping to try this painting again with less fiddling and scrubbing. Hello Tessa and thank you for your lovely comment. I started the painting for a Christmas card but abandoned it. I’m pleased to have finished it because it’s difficult to get back the momentum Hello Carole and thank you. As I started putting paint to paper, I felt a huge surge of joy. It’s such potent medicine Morning Linda and thank you. Most of my work gets to the stage when I think it’s not going to work but,unlike when I was a beginner, I am able to analyse it and pull it back. Progress! Jim, that’s such a lovely message to start the day. Six weeks seems an eternity and I did briefly wonder if I could give up the painting. A definite no ! I had some Christmas presents to try out Good morning Fiona and thank you. It’s lovely to hear from you too and yes, art is powerful in its healing qualities. I genuinely felt calmer and happy after a few hours painting.

Thank you Val- Irene and yes, I’m on the mend. I am managing to hobble about enough to go out of the house a bit which is bliss. Good morning Margaret. Thank you for your kind words. Thank goodness I didn’t break my arm!! It could have been so much worse. This is the third heavy fall since September and I’ve bounced😁😁. Must be all the padding. Hello. Rain and thank you. So good to hear from everyone. I’m happily trying out new materials I got for Christmas. I’m easy to buy for! Morning Louise. Thank you and yes, clear ,sunny days really lift the mood. So does reading all these lovely messages from my Painters Online friends. Maureen, thank you for your kind comment. I hope I’m not moaning because there are so many people far worse off. I’ve a lot to be grateful for and getting back to my work table is such a joy. Im a lucky lady. Hello Cesare and thank you. . I was so excited to be starting this painting and very sad to abandon it. I see this as a warm up to the real thing which I’m looking forward to doing on a full sheet. Hello Jacky and thank you. I’m happy that you like the painting. I do have a love of fairy lights and the difficult bit is to portray translucency with strong colour. Morning Sylvia and lovely to hear from you. Yes, I think next years Christmas card is sorted! Thank you David, that’s exactly what I wanted to illustrate ,although the bulbs are actually plastic . We don’t need to know that😁 Good morning Barry and thank you. I really am going to have to watch where I’m going to avoid the embarrassment of lying in an undignified heap on the pavement. It’s surprising how many people have advised me to take more water with it.

Sorry Rain!!! That was Brian.

This is just stunning, the way the light shines through the bulbs is magical. Your a master. Ps get well soon xx

An absolute winner, Diana - beautifully composed, with a fabulous palette and great energy. I'm sorry to hear about your health challenges, I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Beautiful clean vibrant watercolour , I love it

Thank you Jennifer. It was a challenge to achieve translucent bulbs while capturing the intense colour and brightness. I’m pleased you like it. Hello Seok and thank you for your lovely comment. I’m repainting this on a full sheet with a slightly cropped composition. I like it enough to repeat. Hello Dermot. You’d be surprised how much scrubbing and fiddling was involved!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Apologies for my absence. Have had a catalogue of health issues since the beginning of December ending with a broken ankle as of two weeks ago. Delighted to be back at my painting table!! Half imperial watercolour started in early December. Happy with the subject enough to repeat

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