There are two


Beautifully observed Diana, love it .

Really an eye-catcher, Diana!

Oh I love this Diana, the colours and washes are so beautiful.

Two bees or not two bees? Nice work either way!

Excellent Diana, insects are very good at disguising themselves

Lovely work Diana :-) ... hope you remembered your delivery too! (was it art supplies?)

Thanks Richard and Elaine . Its not one I look at and feel Ive done a good job of but as usual, I enjoyed painting . Thanks Mia . The colours seem to work well together. Thank you Linda. I was able to use some lovely watery washes. Thanks Linda W and Stephen, that's certainly the question ! Thank you Heather. I hadn't realised there were two for some time into the painting ! Thanks Andrea. Sadly not. It was groceries and some face masks 😆

I always admire your work Diana as it always has light, colour and contrast. This is no exception.

To enlarge something so tiny and paint it this well is remarkable! Super work.

Fantastic painting Diana love the colours and the beautiful contrast

Thank you Stephen. It was fun to kill a few hours and I enjoyed working With colours I rarely use. Thank you Tessa. My friend did the main part either camera. She takes beautiful photos of wildlife. Thank you Anjana. I rarely use these pinks but they seemed to harmonise with the others. Thanks Thalia. It’s watercolour time at the moment!

Delightful Diana.

As usual, well observed, brilliantly translated & a great colour palette.

Thank you very much Sylvia and Brian. I’m just mot ‘feeling it’ with this one. Strangely, a painting of mine that revived the most interest still makes me feel uncomfortable when I look at it. 😂

Love the colours, wonderful Diana!

Stunning and very lively work, Diana, as usual. Very nicely done!

Just beautiful Diana.

Thank you very much Andrew, Seok and Fiona. Something is really irritating me though😂. Not one I love although the colours work.

Thank you so much Richard.

Amazing painting, Diana!

Thank you cesare. I’m giving it to the person who took the photograph .

Strong feel of the summer sun, I can almost hear the buzz

Really caught my eye Diana it feels very free but skilfully done.

Thank you Olga. I’m sure the bees are after revenge since destroying their nest. Thank you Lesley. I’m glad you think so. I’m giving it to the person who took the photograph

Hang on Studio Wall

12x15’’ watercolour from a photo by @mandy3544. I had to wait in for some deliveries today and being deaf and home alone means sitting by the window! I I rented to have a little play while waiting but ended up painting this. I thought it was one bee on a thistle but it’s actually 2 bees.

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