Last light of March


Wow, a stunner Diane, all those stainless steel pots and I like how you've icked up the colour in the background too

... or should I say picked!

Beautiful painting. love this !!!

Another kitchen sink classic Diana. terrific stuff.

Lovely painting! The pots and pans are stunning!

Unmistakable Diana Boanas, the “Queen of Sheen” be it glass, rainfall on windows or stainless steel. Another cracker.

So beautifully painted!

Fabulous painting, Diana. love your skill and the composition Great highlights -a joy.. But really -you'll have to get out of the kitchen!

This looks brilliant Diana.

Great and unusual subject Diana!

Superb lighting .

Great textures and a feeling of activity here Diana. Love the different reflections on the pans. Brilliant.

I really appreciate all your comments , particularly as I’ve been very inactive in the gallery lately. Lovely to hear from you.

Thank you Heather. It was late afternoon in March with the sun reflecting a warmth from the tiles Thank you Bonny. I’m really pleased that you like it. Thanks again Jim. Definitely drama in that light. Thank you David. That combination of hard and soft lines is beautiful. Thanks Brian. I can’t go into my kitchen when it’s sunny without seeing something that grabs my attention. Thank you for your interest and encouragement Anne Thanks again Willie The kitchen has been such a source of inspiration! Thank you Denise. I really appreciate your interest as nd lovely compliment. Thank you Carole. I have been putting off getting the oils out again to complete it but I’m really pleased I did. Thank you Stephen. There were two reflected squares of light on the wall and gentle shadows from a pan lid and handle. I don’t have the skill to do justice to that. Thank you Carole There are a wonderful textures in the different metals

This has such vibrancy and light Diana. You are a master of both oils and watercolour.

I agree with all that has been said Diana, you have something very special.

A wonderful marriage of your oil and watercolour styles. A stunner!

Well I think it’s all been said, so I l’ll say it again , just stunning.

Can't add anything original to say - just brilliant Diana.

wow ... whats for tea?

Hope it tasted s good as this painting looks.

Everyday objects turned into an amazing painting Diana.

I’ve also done no serious painting recently Diana, but seeing skills like this makes me think maybe time to get the brushes out again!

Love the réflection on the pots,the métal looks very authentic,

Simply stunning yet again. Such light and reflections from everyday objects in a great painting.

Super composition with your characteristic contrast.

Superb as always Diana!

This series are stunning!

Thank you for looking Audrey. I have a lot of exploring to do but enjoy Mark making in any medium. Thank you Fiona. That’s a lovely compliment and I actually feel we all have something very special in our passion for art. A privilege to see the world through an artist’s eye. That’s an interesting thought Colette and yes, I see what you mean. Thank you. Thank you Elaine. I really value every comment so much. Thank you Russell. I struggle to find words to express my admiration for others work but just looking is so appreciated Thanks Justin. Probably some over steamed sprouts 😂 Hello Tony and thanks very much.I’d far rather paint it than cook with it ! Many thanks Frank. That kitchen is continuing to provide inspiration. I view it like a landscape! Hello Tessa, that’s a lovely thing to say. It’s been a very strange time but hope you’ll get the brushes going again before long. Thank you Anne. I liked the shine of the stainless steel with the matte aluminium. Many thanks Christine. I am really fortunate in having dramatic light in my kitchen. The items are on a floodlit stage. Thank you Linda. I do love a bit of drama 😂 Good morning Diane. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your encouraging compliment Hello Alan. Thank you for your interest. I had one of my confidence dips over the last few weeks but it’s really encouraging to complete a piece.

Beautiful Painting and brilliant observation Diana.

Thank you George. Your positive feedback means a great deal

Absolutely stunning Diana

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 20x 16 ‘’ Returned to complete this after a few weeks break from oils.

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