Jars in the sink with a couple of forks and spoons.

Jars in the sink with a couple of forks and spoons.

Super tonal study, love those marks in the foreground, well done that girl...again!

Fantastic, Diana. Love the way you painted the different objects, perfect!

Unmistakeably yours Diana and superbly well done.

Thank you Thalia. I’m delighted that you think the foreground works. Thank you Christine. Much appreciated. Thank you Mia and Heather for taking the time to post your very welcome comment.

fantastic subject well done Diana

Great painting ! I find glass so hard - it takes patience !

Another superb painting Diana. Lovely and clever work.

Thank you Tao. I keep coming back to glass Thank you Rachel. With watercolour, a lot of water helps give a glassy look. Thanks Jim. Trying the same subject from a different angle.

This is fantastic work, really effective style for creating a realistic image.

Salt sprinkling works better on some colours (and papers) than others - I've always found it a bit hit and miss, but when it DOES work it can lift a watercolour. But your watercolour doesn't need lifting - your sure hand shows itself again - lovely touches of confident brushwork in this - how DID you represent the lettering on the side of the jar in the foreground? Perfectly done!

Great contrasts and of course so well painted.

Just incredible what you achieve with such a limited palette. A real inspiration Diana. Your reflections are superb.

Thank you Zoe. I really like your work too. Thank you Robert for such an interesting and complimentary comment. I can never get salt to work too well but wanted more of a mottled look here. The salt work was beautifully subtle but I’d put the colour on too weak in the first wash.

Thank you Stephen. The image was much darker on the left but I thought it would spoil the freshness. Thank you Carole. I suppose it’s more of a tonal study with such a limited palette. Probably easier too! Thank you Maureen. It’s a subject I keep coming back to.

Just brilliant Diana, instantly recognisable as yours, 😀

Thank you Linda. It made me smile because my teacher is often telling me to broaden my subjects and move away from forks 😄

Such clarity, Diana, without being photorealistic, superb piece of art work.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 19 Aug 10:52:11

Thank you CA Jones. Is it Carol? I am delighted with your comment because that’s exactly what I was aiming for. Thank you very much Chrissie. It’s fairly simple but se3ms to work. Much appreciated.

Amazing drawing. Great great great.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford heavy weight cold pressed. Experimented with salt and dribbling water onto the mottled foreground

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