The Pednvounder series so far.

The Pednvounder series so far.

I missed number 2. Nice seeing all together, Diana.

Fantastic foursome!

They look fabulous together Diana.

No need to comment? I have to comment: Outstanding work, Diana – like always!

Stunning watercolours.

They all look good together Diana.

Thank you Cesare. In retrospect, I could have made more of the light in that one, even if I had to make it up. Thank you Heather and Carole. I think paintings of similar subject , style or colour look good together. Thank you Dennis. I usually go for scenes with extreme light play but I liked the abstract shapes in these. Thank you Detlev. I know many people will have seen them all before individually. Thank you Emma and Val. I think that putting them in s set like this flatters them 😄😄

Diana, they look fabulous together.

Great style, so different - really great, Diana

A bit late commenting Diana, but really fantastic work as ever.

Thank you Fiona and Maureen I think they look Bethan they are together like this 😄😄 I’m late in replying too Jim! Ever grateful

That should read better when they are together!

Hang on Studio Wall

No need to comment but liked seeing the four paintings of the beach together

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