Steam rally

Steam rally
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Posted by T H on Mon 13 Aug 16:08:01

This is brilliant Diana. Please carry it on.

So very good again super marks and high interest carry on with it, Diana, love it so far!

That looks so good best to leave it a day then go back to it, it's looking brilliant at the moment, super work 😀

I couldn't agree more. This is super work, Diana, and I would love to see the final version if this is unfinished. Superb atmosphere. Bri

Exceptional Diana, looking fantastic.

Diana, do no more to it, let it remain as is it's enigmatic.

Great atmosphere, Diana.

Love the hazy atmosphere mystifying what is going on. Very interesting Diana

fantastic painting, such stories to be read in this painting. well done as always Diana

Thank you Timothy . It’s got a bit of raw unfinished areas but I’ll see if it can be finished without losing character. Thank you Jim. I’ll have a look later and see what my tutor suggests. Thank you Thalia. I loved the image though I may have taken on more than I’m capable of. All good experience though. Thank you Linda. I will return to it later and look through fresh eyes. Hello Russell and thanks for the encouragement. Thank you Brian. I’ll see how I can develop it without over painting. If I do, it’s all good practice and I’ll try again Hello and thank you Fiona . I haven’t painted smoke or steam and thought that using white paint might be necessary here. Looking at the image, I could bring more shape to the clouds of smoke. Hello Alan and thank you. I have often read that if you’re unsure about a painting being finished then leave it alone. Thank you Cesare. My tutor always has us view our work from a distance which makes us see it from a completely different eye. Thank you Carole. The picture is predominantly smoke or steam and I loved the bits of machine and figures emerging from it.

Thank you Maureen. A long way from my usual subject but I loved the colours. Hello Tao and thank you for having a look. There are about another three photographs of a similar viewpoint which I may tackle. Hopefully,I’ll get to grips with painting smoke after those.

wow ! it looks finished to me

Just to clarify Diana, I wasn't suggesting it neddeed any more, just urging you not to lose interest. For me, this could go up in an art gallery as is and be given the credit it deserves. It's a brilliant piece of work.

lovely atmospheric quality Diana

You have really caught the atmosphere here. Super work.

Very atmospheric, Diana (and on such a large scale - I'd find a sheet of blank paper that size quite intimidating!). I agree with Alan's comment about not taking it any further - looks fine as it is.)

Thank you Anne , I showed it to my tutor and he didn’t see it as unfinished either Thank you Peter. I really like the colours in it. Hello again Jim, thanks for re messaging. I appreciate you getting beck to me and took your first comment as a compliment. Thank you David and Fred. As is usually the case, the photographer did the main job here. Hello Jenny and thank you . Having looked again today, I don’t see it as unfinished or not immediately. I’m sure we can fiddle indefinitely if we don’t put the brushes down!

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32x11’’ watercolour on heavy rough Saunders Waterford. From a photograph taken by my late friend Ben Matthews I have got to the losing interest stage so may return to it tomorrow.

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