The Path Less Trodden

The Path Less Trodden

Sorry, poor eyesight, added it twice.........

This is terrific! Wonderful detail.

Wonderful Robert, so much detail and beautifully painted.

I really like this Robert, and I love a bit of detail!

Well there’s an awful lot of detail as you rightly say, but it’s been delicately and tonally rendered rather well! A very nice work in fact… did the two trees either side of the gate need to have a light side… I would have simplified them by painting them in a solid colour. I’m probably nit-picking here.

Thanks for the comments - Alan, you always find an interesting point to make - I probably won't do this one again, but I shall bear it in mind should I have a crack at anything similar. I hadn't thought of that - I think I got a touch too near the canvas in this one, in order to get the detail: but that caused me to sacrifice depth to some extent, which could have been achieved as you suggest.

Excellent painting Robert , and great details. Definitely a little tipple to celebrate I should think .

Really good Robert and I like the detail!

Glad you agree Robert, I know from past experience that you don’t mind me making the occasional observations. I always keep in mind that anything in the distance has less detail, obvious I know.

Fabulous details

A natural scene beautifully painted.

Thanks very much for all these kind comments - now: buy the damn' thing .... tee hee...

A beautiful painting, Robert - love all the varied details!

Lovely to see your work Robert and I like this very much. I have a good sense of feeling/brushing past the grasses and branches as I make my way to the gate. I am led by the light green of the field towards the house in the distance. Posted by Diane Boswell on Mon 16 Aug 19:21:46

Beautiful fine detail and love the light in this. Just the sort of walk I like! Fabulous.

I like all the varied textures of the branches and foliage, and the different directions of the brushstrokes makes it lively.

I love to see detail in paintings and there's plenty of it here, very accomplished piece Robert.

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Acrylic, 12" x 16". Photo could be better, it's not quite so pale or misty at the top. Went a wee bit mad with the detail here, but - you should have seen it when it started out.....

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