Hilary Forbes



Drawing and painting have always been a natural way of expression for me, but even after a foundation year at art college I still was not sure in which direction to go. I worked with antiques and restoration for a while, and then other jobs to fit in with family life. However I never lost my love of painting and drawing, and enjoyed evening classes and workshops when I could find the time. Now at last, I have the chance to really focus on my artwork - and I find it so fulfilling, although frustrating at times! I have been dedicating my time to trying to improve my watercolour painting, and attempting to master the techniques. Some hope! It's a difficult challenge, but I love the transparency and fluidity of watercolour, the diffusion of colour, and how the paper and paint seem to continue the painting without you. Recently I have been painting nearly every day with the result of just a few pieces that I am half happy with. I keep most art work but the ones that really depress me, I tear up and throw away. I have been looking at online videos and have bought a lot of cheap, secondhand books on watercolour technique, and I have learnt a lot. So I am hoping that this knowledge will seep through into my practical skills, and it will all click into place one day. In the meantime I will keep practising - which is probably the best way to progress - and it's a great way to spend lockdown...