Wilma's Last Day

Wilma's Last Day

That's a lovely gift for your friend - and what an amazing age for a dog!; peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂❤️

It hurt reading that Heather. So sad when a loved pet passes on. A really touching portrait. Lovely work.

Lots of emotion in an excellent painting.

A great painting Heather, your friend will treasure it, and it’s a beautiful personal reminder of the good times with a wonderful pet.

What a fabulous gift for your friend Heather she will appreciate this portrait very much I'm sure. So sad to lose our old friends.

Arrr bless, a gorgeous painting, memories for ever.

I'm sure you're friend will love it. Our pets bring us such joy in life and such sadness when they pass. God bless.

Sad story but amazing painting, Heather, fantastic fur.

What a poignant, interesting story Heather. Such a sad little face but the eyes are full of intelligence and you have painted her beautifully, especially her fur. Feel as if I can reach out and touch it. Your friend will be over the moon with this.

Lovely painting Heather . So sad.

Great work Heather but how sad, you've captured a rather doleful look in her eyes that almost brings a lump to the throat.

A beautiful portrait Heather, you're friend will be very touched that you've done this for her and I'm sure she will treasure it.

May she rest in supreme peace, and may your superb painting bring everlasting joy to her carers. Beautiful story, dear Heather.

Oh Heather this is such a touching and moving story, your portrait of Wilma will I'm sure touch everyone's heart, your painting is a lovely tribute to a wonderful little dog and I'm sure your friend will just love it, 😃

Heather, this is such a beautiful painting of a beautiful dog. Such soulful eyes and terrific fur. I'm sure that your friend will be overwhelmed by your generous gift.

Great painting and sentiments Heather,

What a touching story and a thoughtful gift for your friend. I’m sure she will treasure it.

A lovely sentiment Heather, very touching story. I would take a box of tissues with you.....

It’s all been said and I can’t say it better. It will mean so much more in a painting than a photo. Lovely.

Thank you everyone for your comments, really appreciate everyone taking time out to write.

The face expression says more than thousand words. An absolutely stunning painting, Heather!

Such a beautiful gift, Heather...such an expressive little face.. So moving that it was on her last day. 😔🐾🐾

An amazing painting - wonderful rendition of the fur. I lost my cat last about 10 days ago and also felt a need to paint him. Hope it helped you as mush as it did me.

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl sensitively done.. made my eyes leak as I've recently lost my old girl. Am sure your friend will treasure this always.

You captured the sadness in your lovely painting and story Heather and I think that’s the sign of a fine talent.

Beautiful, expressive painting Heather and a fitting tribute to Wilma

this brought a tear to my eye, such a lovely thought and painting x

8 or 18. It's never long enough for our faithful friends. I did a similar thing when we lost our beloved Charlie, a Cavalier. It still hurts even now to think of him (18 years on). A beautiful portrait Heather.

Thanks very much for your comments on my paintings Heather, however, your whole gallery is so impressive!! I love your textures and attention to detail. Superb!

I feel very flattered to receive a comment from such a talented artist. This is spectacular 🤗🤗🤗

This breaks my heart. But it is so beautiful and poignant.

you are very gifted for animal painting, Heather. Beautiful tribute to a dying companion.

You have immense talent and skills Heather such a lovely painting

Really beautiful painting Heather

A very beautiful piece of art Heather, love it

This is lovely! You have really caught the gentleness in the eyes! Brilliant!

Such a heart- renching story, your friend will love this portrait, & have happy memories, I'm sure

I think your friend is going to love this painting very much.

I am quite sure your friend will treasure this portrait. It's full of love and character; and the eyes are so soulful. It is a wonderful portrait... I would love a dog myself, but I fear I am too 'feeble' to handle a German Shepherd now! John

Excellent painting Heather, your friend must be thrilled with it . Lovely memories for her. Gill

I have just seen this truly beautiful and heart-breaking painting. What a wonderful memorial for a lovely dog. You are clearly multi-talented.

Great work Heather.

Oh this is so sad me and the wife have been through it a few times but it always hurts! This is truly wonderful and your whole gallery is absolutely superb! Way out of my league! A true talent.

I have been looking for pictures of dogs and came across this picture. I just had to write and say what an amazing and beautifuly painted picture.

You're work is so well received and rightly so Heather

Hang on Studio Wall

Bit of a sad painting. This lovely little dog had to be put to sleep at 18yrs old and I have painted this from a photograph taken on her last day. My colleague and good friend does not know I have painted this so I hope she will like it. Wilma had lots of stories to tell as she was very well known at Battersea Dogs & Cats home which is where she was rescued from. She brought Battersea to so many people. From helping thousands of dogs and cats by raising millions of pounds (she was always the “big guns” in their appeals) to opening buildings and meeting the Queen - to appearing on CNN multiple times - once actually predicting the markets (yes really!) on a Business News show . Wilma will always be remembered as a very special little terrier..

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