Distant Rape Fields

Distant Rape Fields

This really excites me Fiona. I find the ink marks so energetic and ‘alive’. Fantastic

Love the foreground with the barbed wire and the distant fields,plenty of spontaneity, Fiona.

Love the bold ink marks and blue/orange combination, Fiona.

Love the immediacy and freshness of this Fiona. The fields are quite yellow but it doesn’t really matter, it’s how they come across that’s important. Posted by Carole Kelly on Mon 27 May 17:10:03

I like this one too😄😄 Posted by Diana Boanas on Mon 27 May 16:53:35

Love it Fiona, as I do most of your work. Bold and confident, lovely.

Diana, thank you very much...twice! Thanks Annick, it was a quick glance at this view whilst driving along, I did three different sketches of it when I got home.....there should be the town of Wigtownin the distance, not in this one but I’ve put it in the other two. Thank you Jenny, one of my favourite combinations. Carole thank you, I only have a few colours in inks....lol....I must invest in a few more colours.

I think the limited colours have really strengthened the effect of this Fiona. Very striking.

Thank you Tessa, I usually check what I’ve posted straight away, for spelling errors and picture quality. I didn’t have time today.....and look what happened. I’ve tried to delete if but it’s being stubborn for reason.....will keep trying. Spotting the difference is a good idea! Many thanks Jim for your kind words, very much appreciated.

Orange and blue rape seed .... great. It actually makes for a great drama.

Love the foreground! The barbed wire fence and spontaneity to the rich dark ink marks is what attracts me. Blue and orange, love that combo!

Wow, no messing here Fiona.. a brave powerful pic.!

Colours are irrelevant Fiona, you are expressing an emotion, not copying a photograph! You chose well. Super vibrant loose sketch, keep it up!

Another very pleasing to look at painting Fiona.

Well this certainly stands out on the gallery page....twice :) love the detail of the barbed wire fence in the foreground.

Brilliant, Fiona...and just what you need after that wonderful detailed tree sketch

Great painting - its interesting how the description of the barbed wire informs the subject. I like the orange/blue palette.

Great spontaneous ink and colours. Very striking.

Many thanks everyone for your generous comments, always appreciate you taking the time to look.

Lovely fast and loose, Fiona.

Thank you very much Cesare. Thanks

I seem to have missed everything you put up recently, sorry! Love this!

The postings whizz by don’t they some days, thanks for chasing them down and commenting Margaret.

A very dynamic painting! Love it!

Dennis and Dominique, thank you very much

a fantastic texture and colour, such a vibrant painting!

Many thanks for taking a look Andrew and leaving a comment.

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A4-ish inks on Canson watercolour paper. A very quick loose and messy sketch after the recent detailed drawing. I know rape fields are yellow but I only have four colours of ink, and two of them are blue!

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