WIP Arum Lily

WIP Arum Lily

Its going to be sweet Fiona. I like the choice of background colour. You paint it don't let it paint you.

Let it flow from the soul, through the hands, through the brush and onto the paper Fiona as the food flows through the growing plant and your painting will bloom. Wow how deep was that lol. But seriously, looking good, can't wait to see end result Fiona.

Lovely shapes throughout, have fun and looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Thanks John, I'll make sure I take charge of it! I thought perhaps a sort of semi abstract bottom half, where the leaves are? Very deep Malcolm, have you been smoking something??lol Thank you, what do you think of the semi abstract idea? I'm going to finishing it off from a photo and I'm not keen on copying from photo's, I tend to paint too tight. So if I implant the idea that it isn't going to resemble the photo at all.....it sometimes works out better! If you see what I mean? Thanks Nancy!!

well, a change of direction Fiona still as sexy as the last one looking forward to the end result did you mix your own greens? Because I love the tone they compliment the background Emerald green ,?viridian ?with yellow ochre & cobalt blue or ultramarine

Lovely s soft and mellow tones - don't loose them Fiona.

All mixed greens David, except that horrid Viridian....but not neat, I mixed it with ultramarine and white. The other mixes are lemon yellow/indian yellow, with viridian/ultra/cerulean. I can see the end result in my head but whether it will turn out the same is another matter......they say it's the journey that matters.....Ha!! Thank you David for your comment.

So so beautiful, I love your art Fiona just amazing.

Looking very good Fiona, love the choice of colours.

Thank you - thank you Fiona. I thought I was the only one who disliked Viridian. This is looking good. Please tell me what sugar paper is?

Yet more diversity in your art! Looking forward to the finished product.

Lovely start Fiona, it's going to be gorgeous!

Abstract idea sounds a good way to go Fiona, it will probably give it more Fiona feeling than a tight soulless image.

At last , I know someone with an orangery 😊

Pressed add comment before I finished one of those mornings 😊 It's a lovely painting Fiona and the background works so well with the lilies ... Excellent

I like your range of greens here. I hope you post the completed painting Diana

You have created a rather splendid design here F, probably by accident and these colours are damn good, in fact I am impressed and that doesn't happen too often.

Jenny, you are always so generous with your comments thank you very much. Thanks Marjorie, I will have to adapt the tones around the flower heads as they don't really stand out against the pale background, just got to get it right without it looking too heavy. Any suggestions? Thanks Adele. It isn't the kind of sugar paper I remember from school, this is a heavy weight, close grained paper that takes oils really well. I only use it for the exercises I do in the oil class mainly.....paint dries fairly quickly on it too so you can overlay more paint fairly soon, hence it's usefulness in class I think. The tutor gets it in bulk from a supplier in Stirling, I believe. It's a buff colour.

Many thanks Lionel, Satu, Malcolm, I'll have a go but you may not be able to notice...lol Dermot, I'm sorry but I don't have anything quite so grand, I have a glass house but I know someone who has an orangery. Even that's a bit grand because it's actually a large glass pool room for their outdoor swimming pool but if I had put 'pool room' everyone might have thought I was in the pub!!lol Thanks very much. Thanks Diana, I will, however it turns out! Alan, you are too kind to me. Of course it was by accident, you don't think I could have contrived this all by my little self do you!!lol I'm glad you're impressed because I might need help if it all goes pear shaped....and you're the first person I will be in touch with....hee hee.

From carnal to delicate, you masters all topics, Fiona.

Thanks ever so much Cesar, Gudrun and Malcolm for your encouragement.

Lovely positioning of leaves Fiona, look forward to finished painting.

Looking beautiful already Fiona

Missed this one earlier, Fiona. Lovely bold composition and soft colours, especially like the strong leaf shapes at the bottom.

Yet another new venture Fiona....I love the fact that you are able to be so varied...can't wait to see finished work.

Carole, Dennis, Jenny and Sylvia....many thanks for your lovely comments. I hope to finish it at the weekend!

I must say I love the abstract shapes of this as is, Fiona! It has a very contemporary edge to it, and the brushwork is lovely - vibrant and bold. Whatever you do with this, I'm sure it'll be super all the same.

Looking great fiona ..background brings out different shades of greens . Look forward to seeing next stage 😀🎨

Many thanks Seok and Helen.....I was hoping to do more to it today but the sun is shining and the garden is calling!!lol

Oh Fiona this is splendido! Bold and fresh. Love it.

Caroline, it isn't finished....still isn't finished!!lol Thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on sugar paper....I had intended to finsh off the WIP 'Greens' painting I started at last week at oil class today. The weather had other ideas, so I retreated to the orangery and started to paint these beautiful Arum Lilies. That's two WIP's to finish now!

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