Autumn Muck Spreading!


lovely russet colours Fiona, and it was always muck spreading in the North East!!!

Love it Fiona it is so alive. Particularly like the russett colour in this. Could you perhaps send some of your virtual frost southwards. The heat is unbearable here!!!

A painting with a story to imagine, Fiona. Love the warm colours!

Lovely autumn colours, Fiona - and the birds really bring it to life. (Muck spreading down here as well!)

Excellent colours Fiona, love the title. I usually mix a bit if Rose Madder with Cerlian blue unsure of the spelling and darken with a bit of Payne’s grey if needed a really thin was does give a cold look to the ground etc. This also works well as snow.

Love the birds swooping in Fiona. Fortunately we can only imagine the smell!

Lovely and simple Fiona, colours are great

Love your colour palette and the looseness of expression, a great skill to possess!

Thank you all very much for your constant encouraging comments, they are always appreciated. Paul, thanks very much for the tip, I’ll give it a go when next I attempt frost!

Maybe you've invented a new 'ism', Fiona. Step aside impressionism, make way for 'Smellyism'. Those birds really make this image work.

Lol....that’s good Lewis, do you think it will catch on?! Thank you.

I like this Fiona, the birds especially, very well done.

Well done Fiona nice work.

Ahh the memories you have raised Fiona, one of my least favorite jobs on the farm as a 15 year old worker using our trusted old grey Fergie that did every job on the farm and with no nice warm cabs that they have now.. Love the colors and mark making in the foreground and the travel down the slope to the grey horizon, nice one.

Love that wonderful immediacy and very atmospheric feel of the piece, Fiona. And the autumnal palette. Great stuff!

Many thanks to you all for your lovely comments, you are very kind.

I love this Fiona, it has a real feel of the season!

I was hoping that the autumn feel would come through Jacky, thank you.

Growing up with farming relatives and neighbours I remember muck spreading all too well! This is a lovely wee depiction, Fiona - love the misty background contrasting with the beautiful warm colours at the front.

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x10” watercolour on Waterford, painted from a previous quick sketch. Sorry, not a pretty title but an apt one. This is a view of the bottom of the field that leads up to Glenturk moor lane and the red barns that I’ve painted a few times. The first couple of rows of muck spreading and the Rooks are in, gleaning what they can! I loved the russets and siennas of the field edge against the cold frosted field. This has proved I don’t know how to paint frost in watercolour, you will need some imagination! Lol

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