Along the Raiders Road


Beautiful misty scene Fiona!

Love the way the trees stand above the mist.

Looks quite haunting. Great sense of place, I like it.

So beautiful Fiona.

It does look very mystical and beautiful Fiona.

Lovely fiona

Thank you Holger Oh dear, I’ve failed Stevan lol they the trees are reeds. Thank you. Jacqueline, Sylvia, Denise,Faye……thank you very much ladies.

Lovely misty atmosphere, Fiona, and I like the brown/blue combination.

Love the colours and atmosphere created

A lovely, mysterious, intriguing work with very effective washes and swirling mist Fiona.

Very Ghostly scene Fiona, Lovely mist which makes it

Beautifully interpreted scene. I like it.

What a wonderful atmosphere you have painted here Fiona. I love it.x

Once the mist lifts a different picture will emerge. But I expect to wait awhile😁 Another good one Fiona.

The beautiful subdued palette perfectly conveys the sense of mystery!

Very mystical. Lovely blended washes Fiona.

Clatteringshaws - what a descriptive name Fiona. The track was obviously so rough that the horses hoofs or wagon wheels clattered noisily - you would hear the raiders coming even if they were hidden, shrouded in mist ! Love your watercolour; it conjures up a mysterious scenario where the imagination could run riot - as mine unfortunately has!

Ps, must say as I first read your description I thought it read Clatteringjaws! Which would have been appropriate:) after Michaels comment…

Beautiful and so nicely painted, good one Fiona

Undoubtedly a difficult atmosphere to represent, but you’ve made a good job of it Fiona, be it trees or reeds is irrelevant!

Like this lots Fiona lovely washes and so loose .

A lovely minimalist painting, Fiona.

This works really well for me Fiona. A super atmospheric feel to it.

So hard to set out and capture an atmosphere, Fiona. But you have, with this. We interpret it in different ways, I feel the mist settling low to the ground, the dry reeds poking through, the water beyond….I feel a novel coming on….

Yes..'mystical', as Denise says. I can imagine something unwelcome looming up through the mist. Great atmospheric painting.

Delicate and subtle. Its lovely.

So very atmospheric, Fiona. Well done!

Extremely atmospheric. I know its mist but it makes me think of snow and the silence that goes with it.

A gorgeous piece, with tons of atmosphere. Beautiful work, Fiona!

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to look at my posting, I’m very grateful for your generous comments. X Michael, Carole…..your comments made me laugh….😂

Very atmospheric sand eerie !

Many thanks Richard.

You have captured the mist very well Fiona with the colours you have chosen and I like the reeds poking through.

You have captured that mysterious and also menacing feel.

Thank you very much ladies, your comments are very much appreciated.

Beautifully captured Fiona - my apologies for not commenting on Painters Online for a long time but we are now back in Cyprus after a difficult time in the U.K.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing problems, I hope they are now resolved and you can enjoy the last of the summer warmth in Cyprus. Thank you for your welcomed comment Shaun.

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14”x12” watercolour on Saunders. The raiders road is a track that runs from Clatteringshaws Loch through the Galloway forest. It runs parallel in places to the river Dee to Loch Stroan, it’s closed in the winter. A rising mist over the water gave it a mystical feel.

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