Another Bridge, Another Place, Another Time

Another Bridge, Another Place, Another Time

For goodness sake don't stay away from them - this looks really good to me - super colours with just a hint of the subject.

Soft and dreamy, lovely work!

I like this 'attempt' a lot Fiona. It certainly has a good light source coming through the composition, a hint of Monet, no less. I would use those 'cloths' again if it produces work like this.

Love this Fiona, the colours and Monetesque style. I'm hoping to move in this direction. Keep going.

It has a magical and romantic quality Fiona! Oh! And a sunshiny haze too.

Agree i know how bridges are difficult they demand centre stage and this is a beauty Fiona

It's like traveling into a fantasy world Fiona, like others I can see the relation to Monet, but also Some of Turners works, but of course it's not its Fiona's work love the colours and that suggested definition of the bridge is so good, I do admire this kind of work, well done smashing painting.

Something very dreamlike about this piece, Fiona. And lovely palette!

I remember Monet while watching your painting.

Fiona you've gone all Monet on us! This is really beautiful great pastel shades.

Agree with everyone about the Monet likeness, it's what I thought when I spotted the thumbnail. Forget about brushes, cloths ( and palette knives for acrylics) from now on for you Fiona :)

What a lovely surprise to see all your positive comments on this one, I really didn't think it would get such great feedback. My sincere thanks for taking the trouble to give me that feeedback.....I really do appreciate it!

Lovely mysterious piece Fiona - I really think it has worked well, and the colours are very soft and dreamlike.

Gorgeous, I love it Fiona.. Such a calm and relaxing feel to this painting :)

Thank you ladies, your comments are appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board 24" x 16". I don't have a very good history with bridges, always end up going back to them to try harder and this one was no exception to that. This is the final attempt of four....the paint has been put on and scraped off and the last time I scraped it off it looked quite good so got a cloth and rubbed a bit more paint in here and there. Different application for me and in future I will be staying away from bridges!

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