That Grass Again!


Wow, love the pinks in the foreground Fiona. They really set the whole image off.

Lovely. Pink and little stokes of blue goes really well on your painting 🖼

This is painted from such a wonderful aspect Fiona. You have retained a spontaneity through painting this quickly and there’s a lovely feeling of standing on top of that hill taking in the lovely fresh air.

Lovely painting with some great shapes and colours, looks so nice Fiona, wising I could paint this loose and as well as this .

50 minutes well spent : )

Such an atmospheric painting Fiona produced in only fifty minutes! And produced a quality piece of work. Love it.

I'm loving the dreamy atmosphere, reminds me of school summer holidays, out all day in the park with my little mates... nostalgia 😊

Really atmospheric - love the colours and the way you've captured the shadows.

Love this Fiona. I went out for a walk this afternoon and the beautiful grasses reminded me of your last painting so endeavoured to get myself set up somewhere too asap! So thanks for the inspiration!!

A dream-world image where I want to be. Splendid Fiona.

Very dream- like, Fiona. This must be your new palette, the soft pinks and greens. I'm still thinking of painting my tree but the weather is not so good tomorrow

Wow, 50 minutes, that's incredible. Lovely scene Fiona.

Really like this pinkish in landscapes Fiona, beautifully soft love it.

A 1 inch brush? Astonishing. It has a heat haze effect. Fine work.

Beautiful, Fiona, love that soft pink - and the clear blue sky.

Another beauty Fiona, lovely mixture of coloured grasses. It looks a bit blurred on my iPhone, or perhaps it’s meant to be!

Perfection, Fiona! Gorgeous!

Wonderfully expressive style - I can feel the summer breeze through this picture!

What a lovely misty effect Fiona. Those pinks and greys and the blue sky are just perfect.

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support and encouragement… are such a lovely lot! X Paul, try a big brush this was done with a 1” flat brush, and why I did it so quick….you can’t faff! Michael we get the occasional blue sky…..back to grey and drizzle today though. That’s great Sarah, I know you will do a much better job than I have. You are welcome any time Mick M. Try Spec Savers Al!

50 mins! As said great colours and super trees.

Thanks Richard!

It's all been said really Fiona which I agree with totally, a wonderful painting indeed.

Many thanks David, appreciate your comment.

Thanks very much Fiona.

Fabulous painting Fiona, that pink is glorious!

Takes me to hot summer lazy days -Lovely.

Russell, Carolyn, Judith, thank you for your very kind comments.

I love those colours, Fiona. Beautifully done in 50 minutes.

Gudrun and Ellen…..thank you ladies!

Lovely like the colours and the shades of the trees

Thanks once again Simon.

Thank you Romila.

Very soft touch. Really beautiful

Thank you Beatrice, very kind.

Superb painting, is there no end to this lady’s talent!

You are very kind William, thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” oil on sugar paper. I went back to do a quick sketch this afternoon but a different spot. Trying to get as much material before they cut it, otherwise I will have to wait until next year! Took about fifty minutes all done with a one inch brush.

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