Split rock

Split rock

Nice and fresh Fiona. Could you wash the strong line at the top of the hills out a bit? It tends to pull them forward. ( Sorry to quibble)

This is lovely and fresh Fiona - I agree with Stephen, I think the rocks are enough on their own without the "background" line. I think this would make a good watercolour - the composition of the rocks is good and the gap in the rocks leads you in to the water beyond.

Hi Stephen, Pat....I did this sketch with the view of doing a painting for a friend, I needed to mark the backgound hill line to set a scale for the actual rocks and to mark where they are in relation to the focal point. My plan was to vaguely suggest the distant hills; do you think the background would be better without the hills, and do the sky & sea blending into one another behind the main rocks? Advice appreciated. Thank you for your constructive comments.

If you do it as a watercolour, I would have the hills very pale, almost fading into the sky. Also I think the water line across the gap should be feint, so that it leads you to the water and beyond - not cut it across as the pen does now. I don't know how I dare suggest advice, I am a novice painter, just started doing a bit a few years ago - though I have come on a lot since I started oils. I know watercolour is quick and it is my favourite to paint with but it can be so frustrating when it doesn't do what you want. I'm often not confident enough to get it right first time - so oils is much easier, though very messy.

Thanks Pat for your advise, I have already done one in acrylics for another friend, (it's in my gallery) I'd like to try it in watercolour, but like yourself I'm not very confident with my watercolour abilities! Thanks again Pat.

I think Pat's being a bit modest there, the advice given is really good. Its an interesting subject, would you mind if I had a try and posted?

I'd love you to have a go Stephen, I look forward to seeing your interpretation.

What a spontaneous and atmospheric piece, Fiona! Love the ink lines on the rocks - they really look so artistic!

A nice piece, Fiona. I can't use watercolours, but here goes...keep the background hills but in your final painting keep them vague; shade out the strong line at the top as per Pat's suggestion; let part of the hills and sky merge into each other in a "lost and found" technique. Can't wait to see the finished article!

As a watersoluble sketch, this is very well done. I agree about the fading of the hills in the background, but those are worries for the final painting, aren't they? This one is so spontaneous, I really like it.

I certainly didn't expect so much response to this sketch........thank you Seok, Mia and Lionel.....another challenge?!!!Thanks gain for taking the time.

Lots of good advice from everyone there Fiona but, just to be awkward LOL, I really like this as it is. IMHO the line of hills add to the abstract quality of this lovely spontaneous sketch.

Thank you Val, a lot of mixed opinions over this one, it's really nice to get opinions at all. Do you want a giggle, I'm quite ignorant of computer speak and had to look up what IMHO meant on google!!! Thanks again.

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Pen & wash on cartridge paper. Did this quick sketch yesterday afternoon. Split rock is only a few minutes walk away, so didn't have to wander too far!

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