Glenturk Field

Glenturk Field

It's lovely Fiona you have given it a nice dramatic feel and its well painted great Fiona.

This is great Fiona, that tree looks imposing and I love the echo of the U marine in the trunk.

Interesting marks, great painting Fiona.

Wonderful continuity in your work Fiona lovely painting

Beautiful in its simplicity Fiona!

With a few strokes it's all there Fiona. You've used a deeper shade of blue, which I like.

Lovely tree and ground Fiona. I like the blue colour, it goes well .Syd

I know what you mean. I drive school run and each trip makes the view look different. Love the bright blue.

Dennis, Val, Louise, Carole, Dennis, Christine, Marjorie, Syd and Gudrun.....thank you all so much. I wasn&#39;t going to post this one as I thought it was a bit scruffy looking. I like scruffy but it isn&#39;t to everones taste!lol The blue is Old Holland ultra marine blue...deep.<br /><br />Thanks again!

I love the tree and your brushwork in this painting. <br />Diana

Amazing and beautiful Fiona :)

Some great mark making - top notch Fiona

Many thanks Diana, Maria and Michael, for your encouraging comments.

What can i say its brill.

Thank you very much Shaun!

Fantastic work Fiona beautifully loose and and no messing about , reminds me so much of Edward Wessons type of work

Dermot, my name and Wessons in the same sentence, if only!lol You are very kind to me Dermot, thank you very much.

A piece full of atmosphere and vitality, Fiona, Gorgeous work!

Thanks for taking the time to look Seok!

Hang on Studio Wall

14"x10" watercolour on Jackson's rough, U. marine, V. dyke brown and R. sienna. Watercolour sketch of a tree in the corner of the field where I live, which I've painted many times in different never looks the same.

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