Bamburgh from Lindesfarne


Agin, lighter, sparser pen work mixed with brush strokes does the trick Fiona, as in Linda's. Lindisfarne chapel is the subject here and the eye goes to it rather than detracts on the way. Nice work.

Lovely work Fiona. I really like how you use different mediums with such good effect.

This is excellent Fiona, you do these so well.

This is just lovely Fiona. Love the palette and the looseness.

Lovely balanced foreground Fiona and those subtle colours are just right. Sneaking down this way again, eh? Well, I know it was probably last year.🙂

Thank you Jim, it’s an inspiring place. You’re very kind Carole, many thanks. Paul, thank you for your lovely comment. Glad you like it Audrey, thanks very much. It was last year Marjorie and I so wanted to spend some time there this year. In spirit rather than in the flesh will have to do for the moment, but I have some lovely pictures in my head.....I’m smitten with the place. Thank you.

I like the simplicity of this a lot and the muted colour palette is lovely

Nicely done Fiona, the only time I visited, it was very misty!

Just been drawing an interpretation of the same place in my sketchbook but being holed up at home due to that xxxxx! virus it was from photos taken on visits. My wife (a gal from the north-east) and I love Lindisfarne and go there whenever we can. This picture brings the essence of Holy Island with its other-worldliness and tranquility - when the tide cuts off the our side world - home to me. You will gather that I rather like it.....

Nice pen & ink work Fiona. Bamburgh Castle to the south looks slightly sinister - rather like a large grey warship patrolling the coast.

Good choice of subject indeed Fiona! I like the simplicity of the composition with the emphasis on the foreground area.

I spent many happy hours at Bamburgh, you have caught the atmosphere just right Fiona.

Really like this version of Bamburgh, such a different format, most people, me included paint it looking straight at it with lots of sea!!!

What an original viewpoint, Fiona. Love the depth in it and also the way you 'painted' the foreground.

Nice and loose Fiona, like the restricted palette as well, Liz and I hope to visit in the near future when i fully recover my illness and can travel further away. We have painted Lindesfarne, but not from it looking back, so will definitely put in on the too do list!!!

Really nicely done Fiona love the foreground and the grasses, the beach is understated but leaves you in no doubt as to what it is, a really different way of doing the castle, nice one.

Love the muted colours and the loose foreground. Haven’t been there yet, on my bucket list!

Always nice at Holy Island, Fiona and you've got the gritty water's edge just right (for me) and the misty monument in the south. Very delicate, very nice.

Thank you all so much for sharing your fabulous experiences and memories of this wonderful place. I think it unanimous, we love Bamburgh and Lindesfarne ! Thanks again for your comments.

Another North East goodie Fiona ! Loose with great colour on the sand / beach.

A lovely subtle watercolour Fiona.

Richard and Stevan.....thank you very much!

Thank you Carolyn.

This is lovely Fiona.

A dream place for me Fiona, beautifully serene.

Ladies, thank you, very much appreciated.

This is just lovely Fiona. I like the way that you have painted this landscape with a gentle touch .

Hang on Studio Wall

16” x 14” mixed media on Waterford paper...watercolour, ink, conte crayon. A semi abstract interpretation of this small curve of beach with the high tide mark of seaweed, Machar grasses and the castle on the horizon. You could never want for subjects and inspiration on Lindesfarne.

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