Luminous Lemons - (final entry for Van Gogh comp)

Luminous Lemons - (final entry for Van Gogh comp)

Good one Fiona. You've put me under pressure, I've still got to think of, and start, the third.

Fabulous piece Fiona. And many congratulation for your win!

Lovely , and clearly in the style of Van Gogh

Good luck to you Fiona and any one else entering. I don't suppose Van Gogh did find it easy, after all he did lob off most of his ear!

Fiona, you are not allowed to submit original works by Van Gogh. What a cracker, well done.

I think we are all under pressure Marjorie there are some cracking entries. You haven’t got long... o problem for you at all! Thanks very much. Thank you Michael, and what a surprise that was, I don’t generally win things. Many thanks David and Adele, very much appreciated. Ha ha John...thank you.

Looks great Fiona old van would love it

A suoer contender Fiona. This is a fun competition so many people are enjoying it....

Lovely Vangoghian still life, Fiona.

Love these lemons, Fiona. Good luck! Did you love the film?

Late to the party, but well done Fiona. Good job...

Van Gogh would be proud Fiona.

Lovely work Fiona and congratulations on winning , its a lot of fun for you all . Well done

This is a real beauty, Fiona. Well done!

Nice one, Fiona - great yellow/blue combination, really shines.

Thank you Dennis, Sylvia, Cesare, for your continued encouragement. Shirley the film was beautiful, if you get the chance to see it, take it. He had such a sad life. Thank you for your comment.

Thank you once again Jim, Kal, Dennis, Mia, Jenny, for all your kind comments, much appreciated.

Good luck on this one Fiona, it's fab, I love your colour combination, brilliant 😀

Oh, wow Fiona, that is so good!! Well done and good luck for the competition!

This would fool the 'experts' as an undiscovered piece. Great, Fiona.

Thank you very much Linda and Satu for your encouraging comments. I think I’ll need more than luck, there are some excellent entries by skilled and talented artists. I don’t consider myself to be either to be honest but I do enjoy having a go, winning is a bonus! Lol I’ve really enjoyed all the competitions I’ve entered, they make you challenge yourself, perhaps doing a subject you wouldn’t normally tackle. Thanks again ladies.

Wouldn’t that be good Pete! Thank you very much x

This is so good Fiona. A lovely mix of colour setting off the bright lemons perfectly. Also, very well done with your favourite shoes painting. I'm not at all jealous LOL

Thank you Gudrun, very much. Louise there couldn’t have been anyone more surprised than me, I don’t win anything, especially not for my art! I feel very fortunate.......your turn next time! Thank you very much!

Lovely work Fiona, very Van Gogh indeed. Good luck

Thank you very much David!

Thanks Helen!

Definitely very Van Goghesque, those vibrant lemons!

Many thanks once again Chandra for your supportive comment.

Well done, Fiona - a worthy winner! The luminosity of this one makes it really stand out. (You're on a winning streak now....!)

Thanks Jenny! Do you think I ought to do the lottery this weekend?! Lol

Hang on Studio Wall

14x11 pastel on Tim Fisher sanded paper. Bag of lemons from the fridge and a foot towel from the linen cupboard, wonder if it was so easy for the man himself. Third entry for the POL Van Gogh competition.....time is running out, so if you havent entered yours yet, get cracking! And good luck!

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