Dawn at Logan rock


Super brushstrokes Diana. Is this oils?

Tremendous Diana!

Great sweeping strokes and the splash of light really makes this painting super.

Splendid! Excellent reflections, which you are expert at!

Dynamic! Love the interaction between the light and streamline.

Wow Diana, I just love this! Movement leading into the painting, delicious!!

Love this Diana, these large brushes are also great for scumbling, if that’s your thing,

I do like this, such bold brushstrokes and wonderful reflections.

What a hypnotic painting, Diana. Lovely.

Dramatic lighting & superb lead in.

Wow Diana this is stunning. Makes me think of walking on the wet sand towards Bude. Fantastic sheen and reflections on the sand. Love it .

Wow that is amazing Diana, love the highlights in the foreground.

Just brilliant Diana.

Thank you Carole. Yes, it’s oils. I had an urge to try them last week and exploring techniques. Thank you Fiona. I used a large decorators brush to make sweeping blends in both lines and circular movements. Thank you Richard. I loved making those sweeping strokes with a 3’’ brush Thank you Gudrun. I honestly thought this was a bit bland. Thank you Yoko. I’m enjoying oils but the mess takes a lot of cleaning! Thank you very much Marjorie I think the intensity of the white is almost sparkling. I’d struggle to achieve that in watercolour. Thank you Alan. I love scumbling though had no idea what it was called until last week. I loved letting rip with the big brush. Really enjoyable Thank you Katy and Shirley. I’m completely taken aback by the interest. Thank you Stephen. Credit to my husband for taking the photo. Thank you Elaine. My husband is still trying to get me to move to south Cornwall after inheriting a house three years ago. Thank you Anjana. It’s liberating to be quite energetic while applying the paint with huge brushes. Thanks Barry. Another beginners luck piece !! It’s all experimentation at the moment.

Superb painting

Very evocative scene beautifully portrayed Diana.

Diana I really envy your ability to paint light - Turner would have been happy with this. I do hope however that oils won't completely tempt you away from watercolour!

Fabulous Diana the light is just fantastic!

Terrific light and brushwork Diana. If this is a 3” brush, how big is the canvas or board?

Thank you Romila. I’m delighted that you like it. Morning Carole. I didn’t get the colours right but lie the almost monochrome one. Thank you David I could never abandon watercolour! I just need another work table.

Thanks Russell. The light is the picture I think. It was strange getting the light by the opposite method to watercolour. Morning Tessa. The painting isn’t bib. It’s about 19x22 inches but I played with the brush edges and varied the strength of pressure.

Amazing feeling of light in this, Diana, it works really well in monochrome, has an almost semi-abstract feel to it.

Thank you Heather. When I posted the photo yesterday, I was expecting a few tips and constructive criticism so I’m thrilled to have produced something decent !

Morning Jenny. I’m teaching myself how to use these paints and there is a hint of ochre in the sunlight and a tiny bit of blue in parts. I’ll have to see if it’s possible to add them Thanks for your interest

Amazing and beautiful light and reflections Diane, it's so calming and stunningly painted, love it 👍😀

I would have to think of high-speed ice skating, but I do. Great sense of space, stillness and movement all combined. Lovely effect Diana

Love the way you’ve captured the "wetness" of this scene.

Wow, Diana! Fantastic, as always.

Very atmospheric and replete with energy. Lovely piece, Diana.

What a success! The bigger the brush the looser and better it gets!

Tremendous painting. Lovely light!

Thank you Linda. I think it was dawn in either Autum or winter Thank you Jim. Lovely comment! Thank you David. That light on the water was glorious. Thank you Jennifer. I’m enjoying oils, despite the mess. Thank you Seok. I loved the freedom of the wild, sweeping brush strokes Thank you Thalia. I agree with you about bigger brushes Thank you for your encouraging comment Linda.

Marvellous expressive painting. It has great power from the monochromatic palette.

Only just seen this Diana; it’s beautiful. Wonderful light and reflections. I’d have a great temptation to kick off shoes & socks and squish through that inviting wet sand!

Thank you very much Michael That’s a lovely comment

Love this. Very ethereal. interesting and effective brushstrokes.

Thank you Tim. The brushwork was all exploring a variety or techniques as I’m completely new to it😂

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying a large bristle decorators brush for blending today.

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