Girl + Chocolate = Happiness

Girl + Chocolate = Happiness

Impossible not to smile when you look at this. You have really captured the sheer pleasure of the little girl.

If this doesn't get commissions flooding I would be surprised. Very very good. You have managed to maintain energy even though you have layered. Very hard to do.

A delightful painting, in every department.

Absolute joy Diana...made me smile from ear to ear as well!

Absolutely terrific work.Just love her! You are very brave to tackle such a huge sheet of paper! So much control and excellent techniques very very good!

Brilliant Diana! As always you have aced it! Love the pleat of her dress and that unbound happiness of the girl!

Tells the story so well.

That's just outstanding Diana. I cannot find words really, it's beautiful, charming, cute, technically superb. You are now one of my fave portrait artists!!

Posted on Wed 28 Feb 13:43:51

I would say: Diana + Watercolours= Happines. It is a happiness to see your watercolours, Diana, and this one is very beautiful and full of joy.

Wonderful. She looks so happy with that chocolate. Very well painted.

Super watercolour Diana!

And all combined to a large size Diana makes it so impressive BRILLIANT painting

It's splendid Diana. A great subject too.

Glorious mischief in a painting. Beautiful Daiana.

A lovely portrait , brings a warmness to the heart. Can't help but smile along with her.

This was a monster to undertake Diana, so well depicted, lovely painting.

Great picture, Diana - so cute

This is so joyous, Diane, and well painted.

Superb ! You got there in the end - very brave working on such a large scale.

So amazing and so large Diana, you have painted this so skilfully, wonderful!!

Happiness, definitely, lovely expression to add to it. Lovely watercolours.

A delightful little lady really enjoying herself Beautifully done Diana

oh my word how lovely is this fab portrait ,happiness just shines right out at you ,

It's great Diana, I love those chunky arms!

What can I add Diana? One of the best portraits I've seen might do it. It really makes you smile.

So gorgeous Diana, love the chelate face. for shortening of her arms is great.

Thank you Janet. It’s my granddaughter and she’s a happy little girl. Thank you Gudrun. I love the idea that it has energy. I certainly don’t want any more commissions for a while though. Thank you Sylvia. She loves baking. Thank you Lewis. I’m pleased with the overall finish

Wow! This is so accomplished a wonderful portrait.

Thank you Sylvia It makes me smile too. She is such a happy child Thank you Thalia. The more I work on full sheets , the smaller papers seem so tiny Thank you Nandhini I’m pleased that you noticed the pleat. There were many shadows on the dress Thank you Tony. I’m pleased that you think so. Thank you Ibolya! I never would have imagined painting a portrait a couple of years ago but I quite enjoy it now. Thanks Cesare. I’m certainly a happy lady when I’m painting. Thank you Dorothy. We had been baking. Thank you Shuli.I appreciate your comment Thank you Louise. Think I’ll have s go st something non figurative next. Thank you Dennis. Sometimes a painting seems to go well from the start. Thank you Michael I was lucky to have caught such a natural expression. ThankJim, thanks for your comment. I did love here expression Thank you Andre, I think it will make us smile for many years. Alan, thank you. For some reason, I didn’t see it as being large. I find it easier to paint faces on a larger scale. Maureen, thank you. She’s a cute little girl. Dawn. ,thank you. Her laughter is infectious Thank you Avril. I was just getting to the point of fiddling too much so made myself stop. Thank you Margaret I went large to really give it impact. Thank you Lesley. I wondered if it would work with the almost closed eyes. Tao, thank you She likes nothing better than a baking session. Thank you Anne. I’m delighted that the happiness is so apparent. Thank you Russell. My husband said he loves the arms best. Marjorie, thank you so much. I’m delu that you like it. Thank you Carole. I really appreciate your kind comment Thank you David. I did feel relatively confident initially.

This is brilliant and hilarious at the same time! You have caught her excitement to perfection.

Thank you Alita . It’s still in a transport bag after being in an exhibition. I really should hang it somewhere. It’s rather special as it won a couple of prizes too.

Great work! Dianna,I love everything about this painting, makes me smile.

Hang on Studio Wall

Full imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford heavy,rough paper. This is the first full sheet watercolour portrait I’ve attempted and struggling to get mid tones dark enough. The actual face was much fresher originally but I was advised to strengthen both the skin tones and background. I had to do it in several stages as not brave enough to go straight in !

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