Deep Breath.


Truly wonderful Diana, one can only admire your skill and talent.

Absolutely stunning Diana!

You’re very generous with your encouragement Russell. Every comment means a lot ! Thank you Detlev. There has been one area that caused me great problems. Thank goodness for strong paper that takes a good scrubbing!

Absolutely superb - love the effect you achieve with this paintng!

An absolute stunning piece of work, Diana.

Thank you David. I learned a lot from the last one so was able to plan better. However, there is one area which has been scrubbed vigorously 😂 What lovely feedback Faye and Mia. I’m pleased with the result though it was nearly scrapped mid afternoon

Amazing work Diana.......

Fantastic water effects Diana, so very skilled!

Love the tight closed lips and determined look amidst the beautifully painted water Diana.

Very nice, Diana. A superb piece of work.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 03 Dec 17:10:03

Superb work Diana, beautiful.

Absolutely stunning, beautiful water effects

This is just fabulous

Exceptional Diana, you tackle the subjects that we dare not……with great success.

So So very very good!

Excellent piece of work. The water is just like a photo. Really good.

A clever piece of work - and so unusual!

Diana, why do we always confess to the bits that we reworked etc? I do it with cooking, too - this isn’t as good as it should be…no one has noticed😁 Looking at this, not a sign, just perfection, as was the first.

Thank you CJones ( apologies for not knowing your Christian name. I really appreciate your interest

Thank you Denise. I always appreciate your kind comments. Thank you Romila. It’s been quite challenging in parts because I got the initial drawing wrong. Thank you Helen. I get so much encouragement from these comments. Thank you again Fiona. I’m sure you’d tackle it in a completely different style which would be just as effective! Thank you Heather. Your lovely compliment is very valued. Thanks Claire. I may return to add a few finishing touches but no one was more surprised than me at the watery look 😂 Thanks so much for your interest Peter. Much appreciated. Yes Marjorie , it’s a woman thing! Compliments have to be played down! However, I really appreciated yours

Really clever- lord knows how you get those effects!! Lovely picture

Thank you Rachel. If you expand the image , you can see the jigsaw of shapes/ colours. Not as difficult as it looks.

This is absolutely stunning.

Thank you Ellen. That’s so encouraging. Much appreciated

Thanks so much Andrew for your king comment

Superb effect, I'm always impressed by your fantastic work Diana.

Thank you very much Stephen

Superb Diana. The water is wonderful.

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17x22’’ watercolour on Saunders Waterford CP , heavy paper. I’m sure there will be a few tweaks at a later date This piece was painted using a selection of different sized mop brushes. I found them to point as well , if not better than small rounds.

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