Church Lane leading to All Saints’ Church at Sandon

lane to sandon church

Superb range of colours.

I've often wondered about Sandon Hall on my adventures out west! I think this is really beautiful.

Lots of depth and perspective in this beauty, Alan. Love the colours you used.

I love the colours in this Alan. How fantastic to have one of your paintings hanging in the Great Hall.

A lovely painting and a great example of the importance of a focal point. I really like how you've painted that lane too.

Lovely colours and light.

Love your colour selections Alan and its a wonderful painting. The way it recedes and the life you've instilled into the snowy track are terrific.

Beautiful work Alan!

It's a fantastic painting Alan, you really are a master of your craft.

Delightful painting Alan!

Hi Alan, I think this is great. I'm about to start another snow scene. The best compliment I can pay you is to tell you that this painting has been a mini-lesson for me this morning: I should remember to: keep everything simple and the distance very simple reserve white for a few patches of snow. It will only be sunlit if there is also blue / grey snow as a contrast use scratching out as well as applying paint use joyous marks which are unashamedly marks with paint and are not trying to be too realistic Thank you

Lovely loose work with a beautiful muted palette. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to get out to my studio (shed) and start playing with oils and acrylics again. This is an inspiration!

Beautiful, Alan, love the colours and the impressionistic foreground.

How wonderful to have your art in an historic building Alan. Love the colours in this

Lovely subtle watercolour work Alan.

Your colours are beautiful, the way the lane takes you into the painting, past the trees to the land beyond and finally to the church, super 👍🤗🤗

This really sets the scene and as has been mentioned the colours are rather gorgeous.

I've said it before, young Bickley, and I'll say it again - thou'rt a clever devil. I always like your trees - in just a few strokes you convey the sense of a mass of twigs which would be murder to paint individually: but then - you don't have to.

It’s all been said Alan but I’d like to say it all again! Superb. Love it.

A lovely composition and painting Alan. I assume you have scratched out the trees from paint underneath? Very effective.

Works brilliantly with such a restricted palette. And perfectly balanced patterns within the painting, drawing the eye through and beyond.

Stunning, Alan, so much to hold the eye - I love the variety of textures, tones and subtle shifts in hues. Not to mention, atmosphere in spades! I'm so glad you now have another baby whippet - they are such a joy to have around! I'm expecting two new pups myself in March, and am looking forward to their arrival. I'd love to see you paint your whippet!

Great wintry scene with the lane going towards the hazy distance. A lesson in perspective and distance.

This is terrific Alan! Great colours, marks and composition......which has already been said....and I agree.

Absolutely beautiful.

Another stunner Alan- particularly love the greys and warmer Red/brown Lovely

I really like this, Alan. Lovely colours and composition.

It's all been said. A pleasure to look at work of such quality.

As Lewis said, it has all been said. Great scenery.

Just wish to add my admiration to the ever growing list. Love the simplicity and credibility of this lovely snow scene Alan.

Well this is super to receive so many lovely comments, thank you all so much!

Lovely loose painting Alan, great brush strokes and dynamism (if that's a word!).

Perfectly balanced painting Alan - Tone, colour, composition and subject.

Lovely chunky paint Alan, and the colour palette is gorgeous.

Congratulations on having one of your paintings in the Earl’s collection - he obviously has very good taste!

Such an inviting scene Alan. The tones are just perfect .

That's super Alan.

Really like the way you have brought all the colours together in the lane, a sort of patchwork there, and that contrasts well with the scratchings in the trees. Love those trees - they bring energy to the painting.

Great tones and colour

Really like this, Alan. Those trees are super, as well as everything else.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another simplified local landscape painted using a limited muted palette as you can see. This narrow lane leads to the Grade1 listed Norman church which I’ve loosely indicated in my painting, and conveniently used as my focal point. It is the private chapel of the Earl of Harrowby. He resides in the historic Sandon Hall which is also situated within these private grounds, and I am honoured to have one of my paintings of Sandon Hall hanging in the Great Hall. Oil on Jackson’s Belle-Arti panel 40 x 50cm.

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