An oldie


An oldie but a goodie. I feel I could pick up your pomegranate and pick out the seeds right now! The knife is excellent also.

Thanks Tessa, I’ll be down to the shops to buy some as soon as they come in, I feel a Still Life coming on!

This looks fantastic Marjorie.

When something was well done to begin with, it holds up Very Well!

Tessa must have read my thoughts. Good enough to eat Marjorie.

Good art like this fabulous still life never age Marjorie.

A fab oldie. Autumn jewel, like a cluster of garnets. Beautifully done, love the shiny blade with reflected colour.

Just thought, Marjorie do you have to seal oil pastels on completion?

A classical winner. Always a pleasure to see.

Wow ! Very realistic

Thanks everyone…Carole, if I wanted to frame any of these I think they would be behind glass. I know there is a fixative, I might get some to try but oil pastels don’t harden like trad oils - maybe the fixative sorts this out with a top layer. Something yet to investigate.

Excellent Marjorie the fruit is beautifully done and the knife blade is particularly well painted, the cloth look so soft.

I like this a lot Marjorie, the knife is particularly good

Super realistic pomegranate and the textured cloth is very good. Some oldies are still goodies!

That knife looks lethal Marjorie. Love the textures you have created and the simplicity of the composition. Was most disappointed using mixed media, 200g black paper with my oil pastels. What kind of paper have you used?

Have just noticed your comment about the fixative Marjorie. I find it excellent (Sennelier) as you can run your hand over your work and it’s all smooth with a slight sheen to it and will protect your work.

That’s great Carole, will def buy some! Thanks. Black paper is ok, very smooth so the later application is tricky, you have to go very lightly. I’ve never used canvas, the tooth will obv hold pastel but it will use a lot on a larger pastel so that’s where mixed media will come in.

Great work Marjorie, especially the knife. You've inspired me to have a go with oil pastels.

Another amazing painting!

Thanks, Faye and Russell - make sure you get good quality Russell, Sennelier I can highly recommend - cheapos are for the base layer if you have them.

It may be an oldie Marjorie but it’s certainly a goodie! Love the knife, in particular the reflection of colour in the blade.

Beautiful! I am eager to see your new work with your new pastels… so exciting

Thanks Fiona😁 and that’s lovely to hear Beatrice. I’m nervous now…😳

Old but exquisite Marjorie!

Like myself Alan!😆

Just shows how good you are, Marj! You certainly smashed it with this, even if some time ago. xxx

That is really good. Love the texture of the cloth and the reflections in the knife.

Fixative…..I use Sennelier fixative for oil pastels. It takes away the tackiness. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it, I get mine from Jackson’s. I will have to get my oil pastels out again, although I only use them as part of mixed media, plus I’ve got a hard act to follow. A fabulous piece of artwork, Marjorie.

Really convincing painting, the shine on the knife is so good.

Wow, you know how to handle oil pastels Marjorie!

An oldie, but such a goldie! Love the amazing and varied textures you've captured so well - the smooth and shiny surface of the knife, the glossy, juicy fruit and the amazing weave of the cloth, and all using difficult medium. What a superb piece, Marjorie!

Thanks Mo - where are your lovely paintings? - Linda, Ellen ( I’ll buy that fixative!), Paul, Val and Seok - thank you all so much for the comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

One of the first oil pastels I did, some years ago. Took them up again and this morning a Still Life set arrived. Can’t wait to try them out! This one was on paper.

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