Why not?


Oh Marjorie, how could you do that to me! My favourite and why not indeed! I just made a coffee and am missing something to go with it. Great painting by the way. 😊

Oh...my son's favourite....so edible.

Nothing like a piece of Battenberg to cheer up a dark stormy afternoon, Marjorie - Oh now why can't I pick it up off the page?

Love the Marzipan, don't like the rest. Don't like crumby cake. I'm a chocolate eclair man. Nicely illustrated though...(-:

Love all the loose marks and textures in this painting...also reminded me I hav not had Battenberg for ages - yum

Well, I wish I could pick it up too - we used to call it ‘window cake’.

Very well done Marjorie, looks good enough to eat 👍

My favourite too Marjorie, and it's tea time. I'll have to promise myself to bake one ! A very realistic and tasty painting.


Looks totally yummy, lovely painting Marjorie

Excellent painting Marjorie. I don't like the taste of this cake but one of my sons can eat a whole one.

Lovely work Marjorie. I do like a piece of Battenberg cake!

Don’t like it Denise? Is it the marzipan? I can eat marzipan….well, non- stop.

Lovely, Marjorie, one of my very favourite cakes!

Yes, It's the marzipan. Horrible stuff.

I've never tried the cake. but do like this painting, especially the textures.

Oh such a vivid imagination Marjorie.

I don’t do cake as I’m diabetic, but good subject for your painting. Lovely subdued palette.

Looks delicious Marjorie and haven't tasted it for years ,think it's a favourite cake from England! We use to peel the marzipan and save the cake for afternoon desert! Brings back childhood memories, such a great still-life!

Window cake as it was known in our house, your cake looks very edible

I've never heard the expression 'window cake' before. I used to detest marzipan as a child but can eat it now. Great little painting Marjorie.

Yes, window cake here too Hilary. Angela, I chuckled at your memory of peeling off the marzipan - delayed gratification! Does anyone remember iced gems? I used to bite off the icing and eat the biscuit later😁. Thanks everyone for the comments and the memories.

Perhaps it’s a Northern thing Diane.

Why not indeed! Beautiful work

And another superb painting Marjorie, I love the vertical brush marks on the mug and how they continue into the reflections.

Yummy Marjorie in every aspect!

Lovely mark making again. Couldn’t stand Battenberg as a child it stuck in my throat


Is Battenburg a Marmite question? - love it or hate it.

A great little gem Marjorie, with such rich textures. That is my favourite cake.Haven’t been able to paint for ages (away from home). You have inspired me to try out small paintings when I return.

Go for it Carole, I’m just going to start another 6x6 now.

I haven’t had Battenberg cake for years, I used to make it when the children were little. Fab painting.

Fabulous mug! I would have to eat the cake from the centre up to the marzipan. I’ve tired peeling away the marzipan but then the squares of sponge fall apart! This problem needs to be scientifically studied I think. It’s a great wee painting Marjorie!

Thanks Ellen and Fiona. ……Fiona…re Tunnocks tea cakes, I like to pick off all the chocolate then eat the marshmallow and lastly the base. What does this all mean? Food fetishes?

I can’t wait that long to eat a Tunnocks tea cake Marjorie!!! It has to be the whole tea cake….at once 🤢 Don’t tell me you pick each piece of coconut off a Tunnocks snowball, before you scoff the marshmallow? 🤣

Coconut snowballs are not for me Fiona….it’s the cracking off the chocolate I like..😵‍💫

Ohh I love this!! My favourite cake Marjorie!

I haven’t had any for ages Rachel, must buy some…could make it but there’d be lots of marzipan left over…..( I know what happened when I marzipanned my Xmas cake!).

This is wonderful, I used to hate marzipan but love it now… such an warm inviting painting Marjorie 🤗

Thanks Sandra, I’m trying to stay away from cake for a while…but I can still paint some!

Hang on Studio Wall

Just wishful thinking, I haven’t got any….oil on board,6in x6in.

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