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Like you like walls / stonework both to see and sketch and yours are a very good rendition.

Great drawing and interesting, I haven’t come across a squeeze before.

Also never heard of a squeeze but seems like a fitting name! Good drawing Malcolm.

Thank you Richard, Katy and Tessa for your comments, all much very appreciated.

Good drawing Malcolm and I love the sheep looking through the “squeeze”- don’t think I’d venture through with those horns!

Great sketch

Nice stone wall detailing Malcolm. Methinks the “squeeze” is increasingly likely to be the “jam” these days as more and more people become obese. 😊

Thank you so much Christine, Romila,Paul and Michael for all your comments much appreciated and yes I know what you mean Michael.

This series is going to keep you busy for the foreseeable future I think I think this is tremendous, the detail in the stonework and the build pattern and structure. Do you remember the location of this? I’m asking because it would be interesting to know in your travels, are there set patterns of the way the stone walls are built from county to county?

Hi Fiona, this was from the Yorkshire Dales and yes each area of the country has a typical style of wall but even within the area or county you get variations depending on the type of stone that is available.

Another beautiful detail - I do like dry stane dykes.

Thank you again Margaret very much appreciated, like you I have a thing about dry stone walls I have spent so long walking the hills and especially coming from Yorkshire were we have many miles of them.

Hang on Studio Wall
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The next in my Dry Stone wall themed drawings, this is of what you call a 'Squeeze' wide enough to let a person and dog through but not an adult sheep, they can be and are at times closed off with rock slabs when the need arises. The sheep in this is standing back looking but would have no chance of getting through.

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