Grey, grey and more grey!

Grey, grey and more grey!

This has a raw, wintry beauty. Love the looseness Fiona.

Absolutely Fiona, all the outside lights are on it's so dark outside and it's pouring down. That sky of yours sums it up perfectly.

Wild and beautiful Fiona!

Dmitry, thank you! That’s a lovely description Carole thank you. Val, it’s awful isn’t it. We’ve had the lamps on all day, it hasn’t even bothered to get light here! Lol Satu thank you!

Yes it's dreadful here Fiona, well done with this rather grey but excellent little sketch.

Thanks Alan.....are you getting the freezing rain? I think because We are near the sea we have been spared that but the wind is very strong, the lights are flickering!

Your painting exactly captures the moon outside down here on the south coast...I feel like I'm living in an old movie. Everything's black and white, and every grey you can think of in between.

This is great, Fiona! Very strong image and great colours - captures a dreich Scottish December day perfectly!

I like the spontaneity in quick sketches , you made it beautiful and wild, like Satu said.Well done Fiona.

Lewis that’s a wonderful scene you’ve set with your words....moody. Thank you. It’s proper dreich Margaret...Thanks very much. Thank you very much Annick, appreciated.

Rejoice in grey Fiona as you have

Great use of limited colour Fiona and I like the feel of a gloomy day ( in paint that is!)

I will Dennis, I think it’s going to be the colour of the weekend! X Thanks Tessa, just the three colours, you don’t need many more for weather like this.

Wonderful loose painting, Fiona, the grey works very well.

This is exactly how it was here today Fiona. Now it is raining for hours and hours. You captured it exactly as it was.

Grey grey grey grey ha ha lovely Fiona

It should say Greyt .

Caught that wet and windy atmosphere very well here.

It's a lovely bold sketch, Fiona - and the sky looks full of rain!

Gosh that looks cold...but as Dmitry says, a really strong composition Fiona, really like it!

A grey day it might be but a great painting Fiona, lovely washes you really get that feeling of cold and icy rain. 😀

A good sketch Fiona and yes, it was awful here yesterday. So windy I was worried some trees might go but they survived and now, this morning it's clear skies and not a leaf stirring! I woke early and because there wasn't any cloud (about 6 am), I noticed what looked like a huge star in the South. I zoomed in on it with the camera and discovered it was actually a planet. Having just googled it, I think it was Venus. I'm still not over it. All my life and I've never spotted a planet in the sky before. Now my husband says he should get me a telescope for No thanks and at this time of year I've learnt to be careful what I say or else an odd present turns up. I've told telescope!!

Cesare thank you, it was the colour all day! Awful wasn’t it Mia, we have the complete opposite today. Ha ha.....thank you Dennis, you’re lovely! Thanks Stephen, I thought being the kitchen side of the window would be near enough to the elements. Thanks skies today! Crazy!

Many thanks Thalia! Thank you very much Linda, you’re very kind. Same here Louise, blue skies, not a breath of wind and much milder. I’ve checked round the garden and can’t see any casualties...phew! Venus is the only planet I know! Only because it’s usually the brightest light in the sky that is nearest to the horizon as it gets dark. Don’t know a great deal about the sky at night but I do find it fascinating. You might want to mention something about a bird cage within ear shot of your never know what will turn up under the tree! Lol Thank you x

Fiona this scene is perfect for Pembrokeshire where everything here has been dark grey drizzly mist, black clouds, teeming rain and freezing cold for a week now and oh the mud! Don't talk about the mud! Your painting captures the feelings perfectly.

Lol...snap Robert! Here too....awful light as well, not only for painting but photography as well. My electric bill must have doubled in the last week or so because of all the lamps I’ve had on! Thank you, glad it looks a bit like the truth beyond the window.

This certainly looks foreboding Fiona. Not here today, sunny and quite pleasant. Off to Yorkshire tomorrow to deliver prezzies - hope we don't get caught out like last year and have to stay for days!

Lol....Marjorie, I remember your adventure of last year, hope you have better luck in Yorkshire this year. Safe trip and thank you.

It'll be turkish delights under the tree for your lot Fiona and I won't need a bird cage as yours will be Off the art subject I know, but the reason I noticed the planet was because it was so very bright and big. When I zoomed in, it was definitely a planet. Worth looking out for if Spuggs wakes you up early and the sky is clear.

I think everyone has had some very grey days lately Fiona, I hope you haven't got snow! This is a lovely rendition of a grey day, nice work!!

Certainly conveys the grey day you're having. I hope it clears up soon. Funnily enough (seeing it's summer here) we've had a lot of grey days recently too. Sunny today though.

Yes knee deep in Turkish delight! Spuggs and I have just been sharing a piece of watermelon, I think at aged eight she ought to have a healthier I’ll look out for Venus in the early hours Louise, I am often summoned from bed to open the curtains! No snow this time Margaret but I’m sure it won’t be long. Thank you. Sandra, it’s been sunny here today as well, until mid afternoon anyway, it was lovely to see colour! Thank you very much.

Painting with freedom. I like the composition, and your trees are painterly. It all goes together. Nice work Fiona. John

John, thank you very much for your lovely positive comment, really appreciate you taking the time to look through my gallery. X

I love the looseness and the wet-in-wet effects! Quick sketches can work so well, can't they! They really capture the essence of a scene.

Thank you very much Geraldine!

Well it's all dried up here at the moment, but I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I don't really care. I am still locked down so can't go anywhere! I am breaking out the watercolours to have a go at loose painting. Hope it turns out as well as this. Moody and so damp! Nice one Fiona. Happy New Year. John in freezing Brum!

Haha....John I’ve had plenty of practice at painting soggy Galloway scenes....good luck with yours! Thank you.

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16”x14” watercolour on Jackson’s rough. Anyone else having a day like this today? A very rough and quick sketch from the kitchen window!

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