Winter Fields

Winter Fields

Ooh this is gorgeous. Love it Fiona. Just the right amount of statement with the brush. You get that balance so right.

I like this a lot Fiona. Your style is so distinctive. Colours very well balanced, lovely touch of soft yellow lighting everything up. Interesting sky too.

Great use of limited palette Fiona, with some really good mark making all of which makes a charming picture.

As mentioned earlier , a perfectly balanced palette lovely

Karen, thank you very much! Thanks very much Marjorie, I thought I might have over done the sky a bit..... Many thanks Barry and David for your valued comments.

Oh that sky is wonderful. I really like these watercolour landscapes of yours. Just enough detail and like the harmony of colour in sky and land

This is nice watercolour work Fiona, everything's right about it.

What a wonderful landscape, Fiona, I love your colour choice,s winter has life.

Works very well Fiona.

Delightful little painting Fiona . Well done.

Great work

Posted by T H on Sun 11 Dec 22:35:06

So many reasons to say it's fabulous Fiona. I find my eye focussing on the skyline, sky and the splendid colours and tones.

Again your lovely subtle and soft colours Fiona.

That's the way Fiona beautifully loose and expressive

Just love your style. Nice warm looking pic with a touch of cool blue. Terrific.

Love this Fiona, great composition and colours - and the birds really give it life. (Love the addition of birds in a landscape, makes all the difference.)

Subject good, painting even better.

This is rather splendid Fiona, really well thought out with the composition and colours, excellent stuff.

Wonderful landscape, Fiona, I almost missed this one.

Thank you ever so much everyone for your kind and thoughtful comments, I appreciate you taking the time.

Lovely watercolour Fiona, wonderful sky and colours

I like this wild scene Fiona and the sky is superb.

A lovely painting Fiona, you have captured the colours so beautifuly !

Many thanks David, Carole and Chandra. David, the light red/brown-ish colour ie bottom left was an accidental mix of light red and paynes grey, never used that before and it makes a nice warm wash.

Really nice sky Fiona

Thank you Malcolm very much and, for the comment left on 'third and final' much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

16"x12" Watercolour on Jackson's rough paper. It seems ages since I did a watercolour. As I've been driving around this weekend I've noticed even though it's winter and the weather has been nothing but grey, with the odd bright spell, there is still subtle colour in the landscape.

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