May Forum Challenge

May Forum Challenge

Not c**p at all Fiona and definitely doesn't need an SOS :). Lovely variation in colours.

Sounds like Morse code, dot,dot ,dash, dot, lol, I think this is much harder to do in colour Fiona, I think it's a good painting and you are being too hard on yourself it has a mosaic look about it and I love your colour palette 😀

Nicely modulated Fiona lovely stuff

.... - - - .. - -... thank you Val, Linda, Dennis.....- - - ..... - - 😉

Whatever the method, this is rather attractive Fiona, and at least you’ve tackled the May challenge which is more than I have!

Oooo I really like this Fiona. Lovely and bright.

Wow Fiona this is fab! Not crap at all, don't put yourself down. The colours are beautiful and the shapes too, it's not easy to do and you have done a grand job.

At least you are brave enough to have a go at this difficult challenge. I find it far too daunting to attempt.

Just found this Fiona and I think it's rather good. It gives the impression of an embroidery and I love the colours.

Good shading in this Fiona, a great contribution!

Many thanks ladies for your’s a dodgy challenge but some have excelled in this challenge......I don’t include myself in that statement! Well done everyone else that have had a bash.

Looks rather like an embroidery to me :) Lovely colours - and well done! another challenge I've skipped on!!

Thanks Margaret.....yes it wasn’t the most appealing challenge.

I like it, very original approach

Actually the artwork is delightful and so fresh - I could see this as a print for wrapping paper or the front of a notebook.

Linda you are very kind and I thank you for your comment, much appreciated. This is an old one, and I still don’t like

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel. Rather more dash, dash, dash than dot, dot, dot......anyway they are suppose to be tulips.....haha, hard to believe. To be a little course, it’s crap! I will try again.......

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