Tones and Neutrals

Tones and Neutrals

I'm so glad that you have found this exercise useful Fiona, it is an important one and you have passed with flying colours, this is excellent, and I can see the work that has gone into achieving this result. The composition, actually, is very well balanced.

Like so many of us who are guilty of skipping things. Great stuff Fiona

This is the more technical aspects of painting that I need to study, I'm sure I'd benefit a lot more from it than the demos my art club seem to prefer. Excellent work Fiona.

Excellent work and essential to the serious artist , I think understanding tonal value is the most important part of the painting process .

I was drawn to this piece in the Gallery but must confess surprise at seeing your name beneath it! Not in the style that I expect from you but it is very well done. Congratulations on a fine piece of painting. (And thanks for your comments on the house. She loved it!!).

An exercise with great result, Fiona. I like the soft tones and values in this painting.

Good practice, not that you need it.

Alan, Dennis, Val, Dermot, Lionel, Cesare, Glennis thank you all for your encouraging feedback on this. I know it isn't the most interesting of projects but thought it might be educational in some small way.

Love the elegance of this piece, Fiona. The tonal values are beautifully done.

Well, I like the colours. The next one will surprise you. The brain has a wonderful facility to lead you the way after such a practice session. Studies are fun and effective, I think.

Your neutrals work very well Fiona, lovely freshness in this still life.

Seok, Gudrun, Carole, thanks very much for your lovely comments.

Beautiful tonal work achieved Fiona....a very valuable excercise that all artists should do now and then.

You are right Chandra, and I possibly wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't part of a class! Thank you for your comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Had another go at this exercise yesterday at art class, the different light changed the whole thing. Adjusted here and there, added a couple more items, (not for compositional value) I've found the whole thing invaluable for paint mixing and tonal work. I know it's all very basic stuff but it has been interesting.

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