Southfield Lane Wigtown

Southfield Lane Wigtown

Great mark making Fiona. Drawing out and about sharpens our observation skills.

Clever ideas Fiona...look forward to see how the project progresses :)

A good drawing, Fiona, with strong, sharp lines.

Nicely caught Fiona.

Its a lovely sketch Fiona, traced some of my husbands ancestors to Wigtown, wonder if this was there toilet block !!! lol

Thanks John, I tend to observe.....then make it up! Lol I think I’m improving slightly. Sylvia I have lots of sketches, so there will be one or two posted I should think, thank you. Thank you very much Mia, a good confidence builder coming from yourself. Thanks very much Jim, appreciate your comment. Lol....thanks Linda. Did your husbands ancestors have a large family.....there are about eight toilets altogether.

Your drawing skills seem perfectly good to me Fiona, look forward to seeing what develops from this.

It is a rather good drawing Fiona, quite controlled and deliberate and it's a great project to work on. Reference pencil work, my favourite is 6B but I like to use it along with a 2B for those sharper details.

I love this subject area. I really like your confident,bold pencil marks.

This is really good Fiona. I also like neglected and unusual buildings.

Nice and bold use of the no 6b, a pencil I only use for shading as I'm too heavy handed, but you seem to be very comfortable in this sketch, which I'm sure will turn into a terrific painting.

its beautiful Fiona I love it . it sounds so lovely where you live .

Not much wrong with your draw skills. Will you get a certificate?

Looks fine to me Fiona. A fine project you have chosen, look forward to seeing more

Many thanks Keith, you have more confidence in my drawing skills than I do Thanks Margaret! Alan thank you, I’m loving the project, it’s stretching the grey matter. I use a 2b as well but none in this one, I grabbed the first pencil and shoved it behind my ear on my way through the door! I do too Diana, thanks very much for your comment.

I remember some of your paintings were of older and interesting properties Adele, thank you. Thanks Andre, I do like the 6b, it covers a lot of ground quickly if you’re in a hurry...which I usually am! Dennis thank you very much, you’re very kind. Yes it is lovely here, I’m very lucky. Thanks Gudrun....I’m hoping for a gold star! Lol Thank you David.....I’m enjoying it very much.

Interesting project and subject Fiona. Looking good!

Love your sketch. Always worth recording things before they disappear.

Thanks Louise! Thanks very much Willie, yes they are for the bulldozer!

As an afterthought Fiona, was there any graffiti on the walls 'cos if there's a Sutherland name, its us lol.

Great drawing Fiona and an interesting project. graffiti Linda but that can be arranged! Thanks Satu, I think you would love it !

I really like the sketch Fiona, but to me it was a view across some tables outside an old building, sorry!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook, 6b pencil. I mentioned on my last posting that I’m doing a project on the buildings, neglected corners, and other architectural odds and sods in Wigtown for this autumn and winter art term. Starting off with the basics of getting out and about sketching for the investigative subjects to be worked up to the development of those subjects. With, at the end of the term a final finished piece based on all the information gathered. It’s been good for me, as I desperately need work on my drawing skills...or lack of them. This is the first, it’s the windows of the old toilet block on the playing field, that is about to be redeveloped, looking from the lane through the windows to the field.

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