For Carol - to help you through the next few days!

For Carol - to help you through the next few days!

That'a a lovely bunch to get, Fiona.

That should cheer your friend up Fiona, gorgeous especially on dull days.

Great work Fiona, no doubt Carol will love it

Lovely idea, lovely painting :)

Lovely cheerful painting Fiona: great colours!

Beautiful colours, lovely gift for your friend.

I’m sure the lovely colours will cheer up your friend, beautiful’

Great colours and a piece of fruit to boot. Who could ask for more. Striking and deliberate strokes that remind me of the post-impressionists, a kind of Vincent Van Gogh meets Paul Cezanne moment. Brian

Lovely painting with gorgeous colours Fiona

A lovely thought and georgeous flower Fiona

What a great idea Fiona ,your friend will love this cheerful oil painting.

Lovely cheerful painting, Fiona.

Beautiful Fiona better and better

This has a Cezanne look to it and is going to cheer Carol up.

My thanks to you all for your generous comments, I just wanted to let Carol know I was thinking of her. Thanks again X

Fiona, I agree with the other comments, what a lovely palette.

Lovely fresh colours well painted Fiona.

Bless you Fiona and thank you so much. It's a beautiful painting and such a lovely gesture. Soppy me-it brought tears to my eyes. All OK so far.

Thank you Annie and Michael, very much! Carol, you’re more than welcome. Glad you managed to see them before they disappeared into oblivion! Thought they would last longer than real Keep your chin up, I’ll be dropping in to bother you once in a while, and make the most of cups of tea in bed! 😉 X

lovely work FIONA and I wish your friend well

Aww that's lovely Fiona, hope your friend soon recovers.

Lovey thought and gorgeous paint marks Fiona. Vincent would be impressed.

Lovely pure yellows against the mauve Fiona. Guaranteed to make anyone feel much better.

Thank you very much for your comments and good wishes for Carol, appreciated.

This would brighten anyone 's day, Fiona

Lovely work Fiona, a hint of Cezanne.

Maureen and Andre, thank you both very much.....woohoo Cezanne, I wish

Such stunning versatility in your work, Fiona! Gorgeous piece, with lovely palette and brushwork.

Beautiful fresh colours and a touch of Cezanne!

Thank you both very much for your wonderful comments...Seok and Teresa.

Home at last and now able to admire this gorgeous painting on the bigger screen of a computer. It really is so lovely & certainly my colours (flowerwise). Thank you once again Fiona and to all your "fans" who sent me good wishes with their comments. There are some wonderful people in this world. (Fiona I have sent you an E-mail this evening at last).

Hoorah! I hope you’ve got your feet up young lady! Glad you like the flowers and the good wishes sent your way, I hope they lift your spirits and bring a smile. 😊

Przemila thank you!

Hang on Studio Wall

14”x10” oil on canvas. A quick hybrid of a bit of Peploe and a few props of my own. This is for a friend who has a few days in hospital to get through, thinking of you X

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