Another of 'those' Quink sketches!!

Another of 'those' Quink sketches!!

Really great study Fiona the human form offers so much

None taken Fiona - that near leg is particularly good.

no offence taken Fiona is this from life?either way lovely sketch very good tonal work

Thank you Dennis, yes it does. Thanks Marjorie, the other leg isn't very good though. Many thanks David, it's sort of from life, it's from my own Thanks again for your comments.

The shading really does show form very well Fiona, the contrast between the light and dark really makes the form come alive. Nice one

Thanks very much John, Malcolm and Gudrun.

Good shadows and form. I like the 'bleed' effect from the Quink Fiona.

You have mastered both the use of the ink and the form so well Fiona - a really goos sketch

Us artists don't take offence Fiona. Wish I could do this. Perhaps I should stop wishing and start trying!

Everything apart from your left breast looks in the right proprtions, considering your very full right breast. I love your style and use of inks. Much skill here.

Carole, Lynne, Adele, and Derek, thank you for commenting on this sketch. Derek, thank you for your observations and I can see what you mean. If you look at the original sketch line on the under side of the left breast it would have made it fuller looks as if I've rounded it off too much.

Thanks Satu!!!

Beautiful drawing, Fiona.

I'm concerned that woman might catch a chill or something similar maybe she need to put a jumper on ? Really well drawn Fiona and I love the quink

Thank you Cesare! Dermot, I think it's too late for the jumper....thanks very much for your comment.

Superb work, Fiona. Love the dramatic effect of the light.

Thank you once again Seok.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick sketch, again using Quink ink....this time on a cheap thick cartridge type paper, not so good colour bleed on this paper. No offence meant by the subject.

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