Wigtown County Building....in the wind!

Wigtown County Building....in the wind!

There's dedication for you Fiona. Nice work and well done.

Well done Fiona for braving the storm, looks like it might topple though at any minute !!!

Good job here Fiona, you were brave to venture out in those winds

You brave tigger, Fiona. A great sketch though.

I thought it was the leaning tower of you know where!

A very interesting 'smudgy mess' Fiona. It's great to see artists on here having a go at something that bit different, braving the weather and all that... perhaps a little more detail in places, just pick out a few architectural bits with the charcoal, damn good though.

Ooh eck it's leaning in the wind Fiona! I like your sketch, so spontaneous and love the windows.

Hey wow spontaneous and full of energy excellent Fiona

That building has certainly go the wind up. It’s a great tool to work with a putty rubber Fiona.

Lol...thank you everyone for humouring me with this nonsense sketch....everything was leaning quite a bit I can assure you! I have more, so watch out! John I think the putty rubber is a marvellous tool used with charcoal especially.

You were very lucky you didn't end up sitting on top of the tower Fiona - dramatic drawing.

A brilliant smudgy mess.

It has got character that's for sure, Fiona. It's spontaneous and imaginative and I can just imagine you standing in the wind with the charcoal flying everywhere. Fun!

Smashing work Fiona, brave

That's great Fiona and very brave of you the things we do for art ; we got a right bashing over here

This is so full of life Fiona but I wouldn't like to be standing too close when the wind is blowing :)

Adele, Sylvia, Satu, Peter, Derek, Dermot and Val thank you so much. It was fun in a mad sort of way.... the board I had my paper taped to was trying to fly away...and yes Satu, the more I scrubbed with the charcoal the more dust flew about, in my eyes, up my nose...well, you get the picture. Lol

Like this a lot it reminds me of an Arthur Berry drawing

Justin, thanks very much for your comment and dropping Arthur Berry’s name, I hadn’t heard of him and yes, I do like his urban/landscape work. Not a lover of his portraits however. Lol I have the same love of Joan Eardley’s work...except her portraits! This was based on work of Dennis Creffield’s, again, love his buildings/landscape, not keen on the rest.

This reminds me so much of Leon Kossoff's drawings of churches and buildings - have you seen his work? Fabulous drawing - have you ever tried to do something like this in a mono print? Might have fun results too.....

Thanks Georgina. I’m not familiar with Leon Kossofs work but will look him up directly. Yes, I did a monoprint of the other Wigtown county buildings charcoal yesterday as it happens....not loose enough though, will try again.

Hang on Studio Wall

16x12 charcoal on canson paper. This may look like a smudgy mess, because it is a smudgy mess...lol...but I braved high winds to get this! A very quick, loose charcoal sketch looking up at the tower, the lighter marks are made with a putty rubber. It’s was an unrestricted exercise, enjoyed it.

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