Frying Tonight! A Witch for Mia.

Frying Tonight! A Witch for Mia.

That looks like one scared cat Fiona, and I love your bats! mine look like holly lol.

Love the pea soup Fiona, hope no cats hurt in this production 😳

That's a big pot of the green stuff Fiona. I'll also thank you for this challenge which I'm enjoying :)

Linda, I have an affinity to bats, I was bitten by a long eared bat last week! 🦇two left of six rabies injections to go...😂 Thanks! Excellent Kirstie, keep them coming! Carole the cat and bats are safe, not sure about the spider though, he’s probably turning green from the fumes!

Wow, Fiona, so many entries. I didn't expect it to be so successful, did you? You made a great drawing (with a story).

That’s a real creepy cat Fiona. Looks like that spider is ready for it dinner, or about to become one.

Is that my spider she is going to boil up Fiona 😂 , love the cat with its hair standing up, would scare me too

Perhaps the cat is more scared of the bats, they do seem to be in attack formation. Hope you are ok Fiona, hadn't realised bats attacked humans. Hope it wasn't sent by the dreaded count. Have you checked you're reflection?

That's one great scaredy cat Fiona...Nice work...(-:

It’s a great bit of fun Mia, it’s brightened up a very dull day here at the moment. John I don’t think the cat likes being that close to the cauldron! David I think it must be one of your spiders relatives, I didn’t think it’s going to have a very happy ending though! Stephen, I try to avoid looking in mirrors at the best of times but I was all still there this morning! Lol No bats don’t attack humans, this one was out in the day time, on the floor and in danger of being trodden on. I picked it up, in a cloth, but it wriggled out and bit me on the finger, then for good measure it bit me on the thumb as well! He was probably very frightened so I don’t hold it against him. Thank you for you comment and concern.

Well that's what you get for kindness to the animal kingdom Fiona lol.

I know Stephen. Would I do it again? Probably! Lol

This is fab Louise, so many entries to this challenge.

Great work Fiona!

This is brilliant. The cat does not look happy at all.

Are the bats dive bombing the cat? This is great Fiona

Margaret, Petra, Gudrun, Satu, Carolyn...thank you ever so much. Carolyn, I don’t think the bats want to get too close to that pot of green yuk, so I think the cat is safe....for the moment. Lol

Very clever, hope the poor cat doesn't end up in the pot.

Many thanks Sandra and Dennis.

Lovely texture created Fiona. Love the way the cat's back is arched!

Bit scary :) Poor cat

Thank you very much Adele and Val.....the cat scarpered just in time!

Brilliant -I did wonder if the bat that bit you is in there somewhere!?

It is Carol, it’s the one in front with the big ears! 🦇 thank you! X

Hang on Studio Wall

Charcoal and pastel on brown paper. The cat thinks he’s next in the pot!

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