St. Ninian's Cave - Abstract

St. Ninian's Cave - Abstract

PS It's very crude in the application, it isn't easy painting with a knife. My admiration to all those who do!

I really like this Fiona. It has a good colour combination and also has quite a graphic quality. Never tried knife painting so might have a go sometime.

Oh well done Fiona, it's all there in abstract!! No more hysterical laughter, you did it and what a beauty it is. It's all well balanced, the lines pull it all together and the colours are good. You see, I knew you'd be able to do an abstract based on the cave. I'm very impressed and all credit to you for painting this.

I don't know whether it is a cave or not, but to me that doesn't matter. What does matter is that this is a very successful abstract painting and one that I like (quite a miracle as abstract isn't my thing at all!). Love the bold colours and the areas of white.

I agree with Thea. My eye was caught immediately by the bold colours and particularly the composition. I love trying abstracts but rarely manage anything as successful as this, Fiona. Well done.

Great colour, I see the entrance to the cave and the crosses. great abstract Fiona I like it!

Thank you Joseph, I expect knives are a little easier to use with oils....more time to work with them before the paint dries.

Louise you may pleased to know, that I'm not, on this occasion, suffering from any adverse side effects from the project you set me! Glad you like it......I'll pop it in the post tomorrow for On a serious note, I'm pleased I did it because it has changed my view of abstract art totally. I had to think more about the planning of this picture than I would do normally. It isn't an easy option to producing art. Thank you for your feedback.

Abstract art isn't my thing either Thea, to look upon or to paint, but this has taught me a lesson in keeping an open mind about other expressions of art. With a traditional landscape painting most of what the artist wants to say is obvious; here is a river, mountains and a tree. With abstract (in my once only experience of doing this) the components are suggested not wholly obvious but it's getting that message through to the viewer....there's no point if no one 'gets' it. Unless the painting is done only, for your own satisfaction. Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts about it.

Many thanks John. Do you find composing the painting more difficult than the actual application? I found it an interesting exercise....and a difficut one.

Thank you very much Carole. You got two of the symbols!

Bravo, Fiona! A successful abstract painting - the cave has gone, but it is still there in the abstract (thoughts/meaning). The colour palette is harmonious and there is a strong structure. It's fantastic! Incidentally, knife-painting IS much easier in oils, but once you get the hang of laying stuff down and not coming back to fiddle when it's neither wet nor dry (probably just me that did that), acrylic knife paintings can be very powerful, especially for subjects with hard, straight lines.

Thank you Amanda!! Glad you think it's a success, I did plenty of head scratching before starting. I don't know if there will be a reapeat, but I do have a few tubes of acrylic to use up.

You have done it Fiona and it is fantastic!! You let yourself free and it shows! It's a powerful and well balanced abstract so you can be very proud of yourself. Well done!

Yes, fantastic and successful. Until I read your last comment, I was going to suggest you try some more .... I haven't tried it myself.

Satu and Gudrun, thank you for your very generous praise of my abstract adventure! It's quite liberating!

I really like this Fiona and I'm not a great fan of abstract art usually! Thanks for your kind comment and I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your mother, a sad time for us both.

I've just found this one Fiona. It's a good painting, I especially like the colours you've used. I'm also not particularly an abstract fan though do them occasionally when I lack inspiration of what to paint - sometimes gives me a few ideas. I do like to see imaginative art and sometimes love it, sometimes think it is a overpriced and underwhelming!. Not this one - get it framed and give it centre stage!

Many thanks Debs and Pat for your very kind comments. Pat I've taken your last sentence seriously, my husband is making me a frame as I type!

Glad you've come to like it Fiona, it is really successful. Whatever it started out as is no longer relevant ; its just a great composition with a really pleasing distribution of lights and darks, warm and cold. Well done you !

Thank you very much Sharon, much appreciated.

Well, just look at this little beauty! I was so surprised to come across this in your portfolio. I'ts really fabulous, great design, balance and colours, just love it. the 2 blocks of 3 oblong shapes are placed perfectly... almost speechless.Alan

Hang on Studio Wall

Well, here goes; I've thought about how to tackle this and found the easiest way was to not think about the colours or application of paint but to think of what it is, where it is and it's history. I still wanted to have a 'cave' or, an area of dark, quiet, mystery. I think I have included the elements from the original painting; the sand, pebbles, sea, rocks and the driftwood crosses. I've also included quite a lot of symbols to represent it's connection to religion and pilgrims. I would be interested to see if you can make some of them out....answers on a I used the same palette as the previous acrylic and it's on primed board.

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