St. Ninian's Bridge

St. Ninian's Bridge

You live in a lovely place Fiona

Love the palette you used here, and your pen marks are great, Fiona. You make me want to try pen and wash again!

I think it is a nice sketch painting. I can&#39;t see which marks are intentional and which are not and the telegraph pole is not a disaster. The overall effect is fine and it has a bit of a breezy feel to it. Take heart Fiona!<br /><br />Talking about greens, they are my &#39;b&#234;te noire&#39; (if that isn&#39;t a contradiction in terms!). I never feel happy having to paint large areas of green.

I love this sketch Fiona. The pen marks are bold and loose - great!<br />

Very good Fiona. I have the same problems with the green, so I dont paint willingly landscapes.

What a fabulous view you have Fiona, windy or not. This is so lively with lovely pen marks. I love subtle greens, these are great.

It is a lovely painting. (I was painting my garden too!) this is clever and delicate.

Thank you Helen, yes I&#39;m very fortunate. Depending on the weather and the season it can be breath taking or dreich! <br /><br />You must Jennifer, I&#39;ve seen your pen &amp; wash paintings, they are very good! Thank you for having the patience to trawl through my gallery and your comments Jennifer, much appreciated.<br /><br />You&#39;ve given me heart Michael, thank you. I think I got the &#39;green&#39; issue in to my head well before putting brush to paper. <br /><br />Thank you Jane, Cesare, Carole for your kind comments.<br /><br />Thank you Shirley, we have to make the most of this fine weather for painting out doors.<br />Thank you very much Gudrun!

The penwork adds a lot of energy to this Fiona. Where does that telephone line go to?

A lot of life in this pen and wash, you live in a lovely place

My phone Stephen, I&#39;ve got two poles all to! Thank you for your comment.

A pleasing little plein air sketch Fiona, well done in windy conditions, the pole is okay, very sturdy. I love that bridge and I am fine with your greens, no problem there.

Fancy having your own telephone poles Fiona! And now you have got one immortalised in your lovely pen &amp; wash too! I really like the random pen marks, they make the painting sing.

Thank you for your encouraging comment Alan. <br /><br />It&#39;s not as grand as it sounds Satu, the line comes underground to this pole, it has to come above ground over a roadway. Thank you very much for your comment.

Really good work Fiona, love the energy in the pen work and I personally think the colours balance themselves nicely. I really love the energy in the foliage and tree in front of the bridge, I think it&#39;s a cracking piece of work.

Looks great to me Fiona not too green . It looks well painted and is a success. Lovely work.

A lovely pen and wash Fiona and it&#39;s such a different outlook to mine! Perhaps the next challenge could be a view from our window or gardens than we can all imagine the places where we live.

I think we all think it&#39;s a beautiful one Fiona

Wonderfully clear and bright, full of life. Super piece, Fiona!

Full of lively marks and atmosphere Fiona!

It looks good to me Fiona , line work always interests me especially energetic work like this ........ Thanks so much for the comments on my still life , the colours used were .... Alizarin Crimson , Windsor blue and paynes grey

Thanks everyone for your very kind comment much appreciated. That&#39;s a great idea Christine for the next challenge. Thank you for that Dermot, I thought you used all blues, good result.

Gorgeous, fresh, breezy, I love it, Fiona. Honestly, in my opinion your greens are particularly good here - subtle, interesting, good tones and varied yet harmonious.

Caroline! Where have you been?! Thank you very much for your comment, lovely to see you back.

Well I&#39;m comfortable - great study.

Thank you for that Michael. It&#39;s awful when there is something just not quite right and I think it&#39;s the use of green&#39;s which I don&#39;t do very often. Thanks again.

I like this Fiona it has a lovely freedom to it , the telegraph pole just needs a tiny bit of variety in it , why not pop a bit of white gouache / body colour down the right hand side of the pole just to add variety ?<br />I hope you don&#39;t mind this suggestion just think it would complete this little gem

Hi Dermot, I&#39;m very pleased to recieve advice about anything I produce, how do you learn otherwise. I&#39;m not sensitive about my art at all and I&#39;m under no illusions about how bad it is!lol<br />I would be glad to make the alterations but I no longer have it, I gave it away. Thank you very much for taking the time Dermot.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen &amp; wash 12" x 9" I didn't have far to go to paint this, it's at the bottom of the garden over the fence. Some of the marks are unintentional as it was a bit breezy, the telegraph pole, is a disaster! There is a lot of green in this for me, not sure if I'm comfortable with this one.

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